What do you mean by a Gynecologist?

A Gynecologist is a physician or a Doctor who specializes in the treatment of diseases related to the female reproductive organs and also provides them with good health. While Obstetricians generally take care of the women during their pregnancy period and only after the baby is born. They also help in the delivery of the babies. An ob-gyn is usually trained to do all of the above-mentioned things. Below mentioned are some important points which should be considered while choosing the right gynecologist.

Eight Tips to choose the right gynecologist:

  1. Gender: This is the main thing which is considered in the very beginning so that an individual can filter out the male doctors immediately. Most of the women are not comfortable to speak frankly with the male doctors and end up being shy during sharing the details of their problem. In this case, most women prefer to consult a female doctor as their gynecologist. If an individual is not comfortable talking to a male doctor while examining their reproductive organs to rule out the issue, then one should not choose the one – no matter what other people recommend. Ask your family, friends, colleagues, and even your partner’s colleagues and neighbors for the best recommendations while consulting a gynecologist to get effective treatment.
  2. Education and Specialization of the gynecologist: While ruling out the criteria for a good gynecologist, the education and specialization play an important role other than gender. One should find out that your gynecologist is also specialized as an obstetrician because an obstetrician can help you at the time of your pregnancy and delivery. Considering a gynecologist with an obstetric specialization is necessary in the cases of pregnancy only but not in normal diseases related to reproductive health. While picking up a gynecologist one should always check that the doctor is specialized in treating high-risk pregnancies cases like miscarriages, if the female is carrying twins or has the problem of blood pressure or epilepsy. Education and specialization of the doctor should always be explored while choosing a gynecologist.
  3. Experience and Reputation of the gynecologist: Before choosing the right gynecologist you should also look for the doctor’s credentials like the experience and the reputation of the doctor. Starting with the hospitals that the doctor has been working with, the educational degrees, number of years the doctor has been into practice and number of patients the doctor has treated till date. All these factors are taken into consideration. One should not blindly follow the doctor’s name suggested by someone but should also consider the reputation and experience of the doctor. Once, you have shortlisted the list of the doctors, you can use filter the good doctors by referring their credentials and years of experience as a priority of criteria selection.
  4. Availability: This is the next criteria which should be considered while choosing the right gynecologist.
  • How much easy is to get an appointment with the concerned doctor?
  • What is the duration of waiting like?
  • Unfortunately, the more and better the doctor is, more busy and busy he/she would be. So, in most cases, you should have to take very early appointments with the doctor to get a checkup which is very difficult criteria to concern.
  • Will the doctor be available on phone or on SMS to answer the emergency and non-emergency issues of the patient?
  • How long is the duration to get a non-routine appointment with the physician?
  1. Time Spent: This is an important criterion, especially for those who are going to be parents for the first time. They are very conscious of every single and minute problem that can arise during the time period of pregnancy. So, they need to check for gynecologists who are available 24*7 to take emergency calls of the patient at any point in time. The patient needs assurance from the physician in difficult situations and also who can give all the answers to their questions, no matter how minor the problem is. You should take the following points into consideration while choosing the right gynecologist which are listed as follows:
  • Is the doctor pleasant while listening and solving the problems?
  • Is the doctor positive and responsive regarding your problem or not?
  • Is the doctor friendly and approachable while making a call from home?
  1. Reviews of other patients: Reviews of other patients are also important criteria which should be considered during the selection process. Various points should be considered on the basis of the reviews of the patients who have already experienced the treatment with the doctor.
  • Ease of scheduling appointments with the doctor and do not have to stand in a long queue waiting for making an appointment.
  • Hospital environment whether it’s hygienic or not
  • Average wait time
  • Staff friendliness
  • Trustworthiness
  • Ability to explain conditions well on the phone and other things
  1. Location: During the selection procedure you should figure out certain logistical criteria like:
  • What is the location where the doctor practices?
  • Does the doctor or the concerned clinic and hospital have a pharmacy nearby?
  • Is the hospital well established in the case of an emergency?
  • Is it in your locality or not?
  • Is the doctor is affiliated to a particular hospital?
  • Does the doctor have their own clinic also?
  • How much an individual would have to travel to meet them up?
  • Does the concerned clinic/hospital have all the facilities required for conducting various tests and investigations during the checkup and during the session?
  • How long would the doctor take to get to that location of the hospital?
  1. Cost: If you have medical insurance, then find out if the hospital/clinic is covered under your parameters of insurance. If not, then find out how much you would be reimbursed after getting treatment from that hospital. If you are not having the insurance, then you should find out the hospital and doctor consultation fees and see if it fits the criteria budget and family income or not.

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