Goa, July 15, 2019 : Professor Jarosław Dastych is the Founder, CEO and President of the Board of Proteon Pharmaceuticals S.A., an innovative biotechnology company developing precision biology for microbiome protection, to improve animal and human health, increasing environmental sustainability and eliminating the unnecessary use of antibiotics.

Prof. Dastych received his PhD in Medical Biology from the Medical University of Łódź in 1991 and started his scientific carrier at the Polish Academy of Sciences in Łódź, Poland. For several years he worked at the US National Institute of Health (NIH) in Bethesda, USA. In 2000 Prof. Dastych established the first research laboratory at the newly created International Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology in Warsaw.

 Prof. Dastych research interests range from immunology, toxicology and molecular biology to the development of novel diagnostic tools and bacteriophage-based or related treatment of disease. He has coordinated twelve European R&D projects with a total value exceeding 4 million Euro. He is the author of over 40 publications in international scientific journals and has co-authored 4 biotechnology-related patents.

In 2005 Prof. Dastych created Proteon Pharmaceuticals, a Polish biotechnological company that belongs to the world leaders using bacteriophages (natural organisms that destroy pathogenic bacteria) in industrial animal breeding. The companyhas developed a unique bacteriophage platform technology for development of a new generation of natural antibacterial products used to protect health of farmed animals, i.e. poultry, cattle, fish, and affecting the protection of health of humans eating meat, eggs and milk. Proteon Pharmaceuticals products are used as effective alternatives to solving and preventing bacterial disease in animal farming.

Proteon Pharmaceuticals has globally-unique solutions, starting with the development of bacteriophage products, through initiating and running research works (in own R&D Centre), to commercial testing of solutions and their industrial production, marketing, sales and distribution.

The products are used to protect animal health against pathogenic bacteria: BAFASAL®and BAFASAL+G® used in poultry farming prevents Salmonella infections and BAFADOR® used in fish farming fights against most common deadly pathogens. BAFASAL®is at the last stage of registration as a feed additive in the European Union and the product is in the phase of intensive commercialization on many global markets.The company also develops new products for poultry, fish farming and solutions for pig and cattle farming.

Its research platform and products have won international recognition and numerous innovation awards: for The Most Innovative Company in CEE Region (BioForum 2010), for its Innovations & Creativity (Łódź, Poland 2012), during the Animal Health Investment Europe conference – the Animal Health Innovation Award (London, UK 2019) and during the Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture – the Best Innovation in Aquaculture Award (Abu Dhabi, UAE 2019). BAFASAL® won the gold medal during the trade fair Brussels Innova 2016 and the silver medal during the Innovation Trade Fair in Paris 2016.

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