New Delhi, September 04, 2016: Transfiguring the face of medicine, Advancells was established in the year 2013. Delving in the field of stem cell therapies, the company has been futuristically conceptualised to further modern medicine. Advancells is headquartered in Noida and has representative offices in Bangladesh and Australia. Breaking the stereotype regarding stem cell companies that most often offer arrangements for stem cell banking, this is one of the few organisations in the country that focuses purely on stem cell therapies. It is the only company that has the technology to prepare the body with stem cell stimulation and growth factors before the actual stem cell transplant. Advancells processes the bone marrow/adipose tissue from the patient and separate stem cells from it which is then further processed in their state-of-the-art laboratory, for treatment procedures. Advancells also intends to file a patent for this simulation technology in the near future.

Advancells maintains superlative scientific and ethical traditions through “Good Manufacturing Practices” in accordance with the accepted national and international norms. Its services begin with the assessment of a case followed by the explanation of protocol, risks and rewards to the patient in detail. It then processes the stem cells derived from the patient’s tissue and arranges for a consultation with the treating doctor who then performs the procedure in a partner hospital. Later, the team at Advancells follows up with the patient for the post-treatment procedures. Stem cells have the potential to intervene in all medical conditions. The key areas that Advancells deals in are Neurological conditions, Orthopedics, Chronic Kidney Diseases, COPD and other Lung diseases, Liver Diseases, Cardiology, Autoimmune disorders, Ophthalmology diseases, Infertility and Cosmetic Procedures.

The company charges a package price from the patients, inclusive of all services. The transplant is performed by contracted doctors at a pre-negotiated rate. Advancells has acquired a large base of patients through its online and offline marketing tactics and also through references from doctors, hospitals, physiotherapy centres, special schools etc.

Despite challenges like scepticism associated with the therapy that has been termed as experimental by the government, Advancells currently conducts 5 to 7 treatments in a month. Its work force is expected to double over the next few months. Passionate about the possibilities and unlimited potential of adult stem cells, the company aims to continue delivering technology for safe and effective treatment of a wider base of patients in accordance with the highest medical standards across the country.

Vipul Jain is a serial entrepreneur who specializes in spotting business opportunities while they are still in nuance stage. An MBA from Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, New York, class of 1999, Vipul started his career by establishing a fabrics import business as an extension of the family business of Garment exports in 1999.

In 2002 he established an animation studio by the name of Mirage Animation which produces television quality animations for clients such as Warner Brothers, Disney, Channel 5 etc.

In 2003, he spotted an opportunity in Medical Tourism sector while the world was still to wake up to the phenomenon. Vipul co founded a company called Planet Hospital and built it to be the worlds largest medical tourism company. The company was listed on Nasdaq in 2011 and that is when he exited the company to establish his own Medical Tourism business by the name of Mirage Medserv focusing on the third world countries, Russia, Africa and Mid East. Mirage is today one of the largest facilitators of patients of almost all major hospitals in the country.

In 2013, Vipul established Advancells, which is a research based company focusing on providing cutting edge Stem Cell Therapies for patients with life threatening diseases also catering to lifestyle diseases and anti aging technology. Advancells is slowly rising to be a leader in a very small space of modern medicine and is in process of filing patents for treatment of multiple diseases.

Vipul is married to Meenu and has two sons Divit (11) and Divyam (6). Meenu, a MBA from Fore School of Management, takes care of the web presence and online marketing for Advancells while the kids attend Step By Step World School, Noida.

Vipul is part of Round Table India and various other social organizations.

Corporate Comm India(CCI Newswire)


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