New Delhi, October 29, 2017: Influenza vaccines also known as shots or jabs; these vaccines protect against influenza. A new version of the vaccine is developed twice a year as the influenza virus rapidly changes. Their effectiveness varies year to year. It provides a high protection against influenza. It is recommended that yearly vaccination for all the people over the age of six months and it recommends yearly vaccination for high-risk groups such as pregnant women, the elderly children between six months to five years of age and people with other health crisis. These vaccines are generally out of harm’s way. It is a combination of three-influenza virus namely influenza type A with H3N2 virus stain, influenza type A with H1N1 virus stain and influenza type B virus stain.

Over the last few years, a market of influenza vaccines has witnessed double growth and the reason behind is the fear of an impending pandemic. Influenza vaccine market has grown due to a havoc caused by H1N1 virus in last few years.

The US is the largest influenza market which is followed by china among all the geographical regions. Health care units are facing a wide challenge in dealing with such deadly infectious disease. Whether it is developed or developing nation, both have equal chance of occurrence of seasonal influenza. Due to high infection rate across the population, it is predicted that the market for seasonal influenza vaccine will increase in next few years. The major players like Fluarix and Flulaval, GlaxoSmith Klene, Novastis, CSL, Medimmune, Sanofi-Pasteur, Solvay, Sinovac, biotech and Hualun biologicals of influenza vaccines manufacturers cover three fourth of total vaccine in influenza vaccine market.

The global influenza market is growing due to increase in awareness about the pandemic influenza viruses and because of government involvement for the vaccination against influenza viruses. The driving demand for safe and efficacious influenza vaccine by the companies who have advance research and development facilities and new vaccine developments are increasing.

Influenza vaccine market can be compartmentalized based on vaccines, its type of influenza viruses, and end-users. Based on end-users, the influenza vaccine market can be segmented as pediatrics and adults. The influenza vaccine market can be categorized as Fluzone or Vaxigrip, Anflu, FluMist, Fluarix, FluLaval, Fluvax or Afluria, Fluvirin, and others.

In past years, many people died due to H1N1 influenza pandemic or swine flu over the globe. In addition, Africa and Southeast Asia region reported most deaths due to occurrence of flu pandemic in 2009. There is development of several vaccines to prevent pandemic and seasonal influenza viruses using recombinant DNA technology and extended researches are going on to develop effectual influenza vaccines using cell culture technology. There are various governmental, non-governmental organizations are immensely involved in monitoring, and promoting vaccination programs headed at immunizing people against seasonal influenza viruses. In addition, geriatric population and people suffer numerous diseases, which are held responsible for developing influenza virus infection. Aging population and increasing frequency of chronic diseases are also driving the demand of influenza vaccine market. At the same time, stringent regulatory framework and unobtainable to remote areas are some of the factors constraining the growth of the global influenza vaccine market until some degree of extend.

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