Bengaluru, December 12, 2015: The Government is maintaining an AYUSH Research Portal the details of which are as below:

(i) The AYUSH ResearchPortal was launched in April, 2011.

(ii) A total of 21,468 research articles have been uploaded.

(iii) The National Institute of Indian Medical Heritage, Hyderabad, a Research Institute under Central Council for Research in Ayurvedic Sciences is responsible for its design, development, updation& maintenance.


(iv) The Research data from 19 Institutes under the Ministry of AYUSH are uploaded periodically.

As on 07/12/15, the details of the visitors to the Portal are as follows:

No. of Countries from where portal viewed No. of visitors Research article/ abstracts viewed Downloaded
102 2,10,137 1,12,860 26,445

The treatment protocols for various diseases are developed and modified from time to time through various programmes viz. Clinical Research, Clinical verification, drug research etc. These are on-going programmes.

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