Bangalore, May 17, 2019: Bangalore is among India’s most well-equipped and aware cities when it comes to taking proactive oral care, country’s leading dental expert Lt Gen Dr Vimal Arora said on Tuesday. He however said that there is still much to be done for making effective oral healthcare accessible to people across the country.

Dr Arora advised people in the city to be alert in wake of the silent threat that lack of oral care poses, and requested doctors to keep sensitizing people on oral hygiene. Dr Arora was speaking at Clove Dental 22nd Leadership Conclave.

Doctors attending the Conclave said that while dental problems are common in the Indian context, not many take proactive measures. Therefore, driving awareness was key and Clove Dental, along with other stakeholders, had a key role to play.

“Given the rising incidence of oral ailments, the government must consider mass oral screening program under Ayushman Bharat and ensure that dental care in the country gets a quality boost. Along with expansion of infrastructure for better access of dental care, quality of the care was something that the government and private players should step up their focus on,” he added. Dr Arora highlighted that given Bangalore’s habits, Clove Dental has set up 63 clinics across the city, while pointing out how quality was of paramount to Clove Dental’s philosophy.

Amarinder Singh, Harvard Business School alumnus and CEO of Clove Dental said, “While India has a large number of dentists, the infrastructure is woefully inadequate. Sub-standard and unhygienic clinics only add to the problem. Clove Dental has been working relentlessly to address all these issues and committed to taking quality, world-class dental care to the people in neighbourhoods. Bangalore has shown great promise.”

“Quality is the core value of our organization. The dedicated Quality Team is specially assigned to ensure that our clinics provide the highest quality services to our patients and strive for continuous quality improvements,” added Dr Arora.

Corporate Comm India(CCI NewsWire) 


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