New Delhi, March 14, 2019: Captiva Verde Land Corp. (the “Company”) (CSE: PWR), is pleased to announce that negotiations have commenced to acquire Solargram Farms Corporation (“Solargram”), a Canadian controlled private corporation, having corporate offices in Moncton, NB. Captiva Verde is anticipating taking an ownership interest in a world class team of experienced operators and growers in addition to a planned full spectrum cannabis oil extract processor of high grade Canadian outdoor organically farmed cannabis using natural farm inputs. The Solargram team has over 40 years of combined industry specific, non-stop operating, growing and processing experience in a specific regional market that, taken together, has over 125 years of collective business experience.

The acquisition includes land assets, growing assets, proprietary IP and technological expertise necessary to successfully run and operate multiple planned outdoor farm grown organic cannabis site operations together with its planned related full spectrum cannabis oil concentrate processing facilities. The conclusion of the negotiations is contingent on Solargram’s receipt of Canadian Health Canada cannabis cultivation and processing licenses from the Canadian Federal Government for its planned outdoor cannabis outdoor grow operations and its state of the art planned extraction facility in Moncton, NB.

Less than 4% of Canada’s current cannabis products are derived from outdoor operations. Sun grown outdoor plants are lower cost with consistent high yields and potency, providing patients with an opportunity to choose from a selection of natural and healthier products than what the market currently offers.

The above activities are in addition to the ongoing efforts in the USA to offer legal hemp and CBD products to big box retailers and the build-out of a robust distribution network in Mexico that will offer curated and affordable hemp, CBD and Cannabis branded products to people interested in health and wellness. The company also announces the engagement of Drake Sutton-Shearer as Chairman of a newly created advisory board. Drake is the CEO of PROHBTD and a global thought leader in the Cannabis industry. PROHBTD ( creates and markets lifestyle and wellness brands to global audiences, overturning the taboos and stereotypes of the status quo cannabis vernacular and continually pushing it toward the mainstream. With offices in the USA and Canada, the company is also the exclusive global cannabis partner of Licensing Expo, Advertising Week, Post Media and All Def Media. Drake will be helping Captiva Verde CEO Jeffrey Ciachurski assemble an advisory board of domain experts to support North American operations and initiatives.

Corporate Comm India(CCI Newswire)


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