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“Bangalore INDIA BIO 2013 ” Inaugurated today

Bangalore, Monday 04th February 2013: The 13th edition of Bangalore India Bio (BIB) was inaugurated by Jagadish Shettar, Chief Minister, Karnataka. The event, organised by the Department of Information Technology, Bio-Technology and Science & Technology, Government of Karnataka and the Vision Group on Biotechnology, is being held at The Lalit Ashok, Bangalore.

Cipla Palliative Care Centre completes 15 years of caring for advanced stage cancer...

~Announces another major price reduction on select cancer drugs~

India, Mumbai:

Cipla has always been committed to the treatment and care of cancer patients. As part of this commitment, in 1997, it established the Cipla Palliative Care and Training Centre in Pune, to provide care to advanced stage cancer patients. Today, it is one of the few centres in India offering the best-in class palliative care to cancer patients. The Centre provides free treatment and has cared for over 8,000 patients till date. It has also trained a large number of nurses in advanced palliative care. For more information on the Cipla Palliative Care and Training Centre, please visit

In continuation with its commitment to make medicines affordable and accessible, particularly in anti-cancer medication, in May 2012, Cipla announced a dramatic price cut in three major anti-cancer drugs - Sorafenib (SORANIB), Gefitinib (GEFTICIP) and Temozolomide (TEMOSIDE).

Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Limited intends to make a recommended public offer for OctoPlus N.V.

Hyderabad, India

Dr. Reddy's Laboratories Limited (NYSE:RDY) (“Dr. Reddy's”), together with its subsidiaries, announces the intended public offer to acquire the issued and outstanding shares of OctoPlus N.V. (Euronext Amsterdam: OCTO) (“OctoPlus”), a service based specialty pharmaceutical company, for an offer price of € 27.39 million (cum dividend) in cash, representing 100% of the issued and outstanding ordinary shares. The offer price represents a premium of 30% over the closing price of OctoPlus as of the EoD October 19, 2012 .

Dr. Reddy's currently holds an irrevocable commitment from shareholders representing over 50% of OctoPlus's issued and outstanding shares. Further, the Executive Board and the Supervisory Board of OctoPlus have unanimously recommended the Offer to the remaining shareholders.

This deal will help expand the expertise and scientific capabilities of Dr. Reddy's.

Dr. Reddy’s Q2 & H1 FY13 Financial Results

Q2 FY13 Revenues at   Rs. 28.8 billion
(YoY growth of 27%)

Q2 FY13 EBITDA at   Rs. 7.7 billion
(YoY growth of 47%)

*Adjusted Q2 FY13 PAT at   Rs. 4.9 billion  
(YoY growth of 77%)

H1 FY13 Revenues at   Rs. 54.2 billion  
(YoY growth of 28%)

H1 FY13 EBITDA at   Rs. 12.7 billion  
(YoY growth of 35%)

**Adjusted H1 FY13 PAT at   Rs. 7.8 billion  
(YoY growth of 56%)