New Delhi, June 11, 2018: Brain tumours account for nearly 2 % of all tumours and this is increasing as we have better diagnostic abilities.  Overall one could say it is not very common but for the 2% population, it can be devastating.

Lifestyles habits can also lead to brain tumour like there is no direct link between lifestyle habits and brain tumour but they can adversely affect the prognosis of it. There has been some link between radiation in the atmosphere and also exposure to chemicals used in household items but this has not been proved. Generally, a healthy lifestyle would help a Patient to combat the effects of a brain tumour.

Once you have a brain tumour – apart from the treatment – a balanced diet would help improve the immunity which would belong fight the effects of the brain tumour and its treatment effects.  Apart from that, there is no direct link to nutrition.


–  healthy lifestyle including diet and exercises

–  avoid habitats near high tension wires

– avoid constant cell phone use

–  keep children away from radiation

Counselling them that their life is not over is the most important thing to be conveyed.  Modern science and available treatment protocols has changed the outcomes and that needs to be conveyed to a Patient. For some reason, there is a sense of hopelessness in Patients when told about it so this has to be addressed first.

Corporate Comm India(CCI Newswire)