New Delhi, November 18, 2017: A research study conducted by leading mobile app ecosystem magazine Appedus.

Healthcare mobile app development can’t be approached just like another mobile app development project. The apps in healthcare deal with human life and a single mistake resulting from data or security can affect lives. Therefore, we wanted to come up with a list of healthcare mobile app developers who have acquired a demonstrable experience in this domain.

Important Point: Our method of evaluation and shortlisting these companies involved multiple factors like variety of apps developed, years in business, reading there case studies, evaluating the mobiles apps developed by them, and their expertise in implementing industry compliances among other factors. To keep the list short we have selected companies only from USA, UK & India. If you think we should evaluate some other service providers then please do leave a comment, we will look into it or drop us a line at

The companies which made it to the list are as follows:-

Reinvently | Palo Alto | USA

Reinvently would like to call themselves as “Big” small agency.  They have some impressive clientele and an envious portfolio. Their product philosophy puts users at the core and zealous focus on design to achieve business goals. We spent some good time investigating their work in the healthcare domain and we were mighty impressed with their domain expertise and the apps that they have built in this domain. We would highly recommend going through some of the case studies in healthcare app development.

Engagemobile | Kansas City | USA

Engagemobile have worked with brands from Ferrari to Cerner to Garmin to the United Nations and have utilized dozens of business models to drive success for their clients.Engage Mobile works with health and animal health companies around the country. If you look at their portfolio you will see that their major work belongs to healthcare and life sciences.  You can check more details about their service offering &  case studies in healthcare app development.

Mobomo | Virginia | USA

Mobomo is a full-service digital agency providing strategy, design and development services. In regards to healthcare, they have worked on some complex apps and Pulse among them is worth noticing. They have developed some HIPPAA compliant apps along with some informatory apps for organizations such as American Heart Institute, Genome Next (web) etc.  When we went through their portfolio we felt that they have a pretty good grip on user-centric design. They are based out of Virginia, Colorado, and Argentina.

Daffodil Softwares | Gurgaon | India

Daffodil software is based out of  India and is mid-size software development company with 500+ team and customer footprint in 30+ countries. What is interesting to note about this company is that have independent Centre of Excellence dedicated to healthcare solution. They have some very impressive healthcare mobile solutions and some of them are among the most recognized brands in the Indian market.  The do HIPAA & FDA compliant solutions along with EHR/EMR development and integration services.

Qburst | Trivandrum | India

Qburst is an India based company with an impressive track record from their humble beginnings to now almost in the top app development companies in the world. Dell, HP, National Geographic, Peugeot are some of their clients.  In healthcare, Qburst builds solutions for patient enablement, healthcare records, healthcare analytics, among other web and mobile solutions for the healthcare industry. They have some interesting case studies in healthcare which you explore.

Ampersand | London | UK

Ampersand is a multi-award winning team of healthcare professionals, creatives, engineers and visionaries united by a single goal: to produce the best possible work, and in doing so, to make a meaningful impact on the world around us. Ampersand has worked for multiple hospitals and health establishments in UK.  They count Kingston, Bart’s Health, King’s College, The Christie, Royal London Hospital as their clients in the healthcare domain.

Our idea of shortlisting these healthcare mobile app development companies was to help healthcare organization or professionals looking for mobile app development partners. We hope that this list will help you partner with the right app development company.

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