Award: CPHI Pharma Awards 2017

Award Category: Excellence in Pharma: CEO of the Year

Name of the Company: KindredBio

Address: 1555 Bayshore Hwy, Suite 200, Burlingame, California 94010

Contact No.: (650) 701-7901

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They have now become full members of the family. Illustrative of this, we spend $700 million every year on Valentine’s Day gifts for our beloved pets. We spend $1.5 billion per year for knee surgeries for our dogs.

Today, there is a critical need for, and willingness to pay for, innovative medicines for our pets. However, there are very few companies dedicated to developing such therapies. It is a burgeoning market in dire need.

KindredBio’s mission is to bring to our animal family members the same kind of innovative, breakthrough medicines that our human family members enjoy.

Our core strategy is to leverage the billions of dollars that have been invested by other companies in human pharmaceuticals by modifying, improving, and repurposing pre-existing drugs and targets that have already proven to be safe and effective in humans. For example, we are developing a canine version of Humira®, one of the most successful human biologics on the market.