New Delhi, December 01, 2017: While having a dog may be good for the heart, as my colleague Alice Walton recently wrote, and is certainly good for the soul, you might want to read the “terms and conditions” in the fine print.

I’ve seen some impressive and life-threatening infections from dogs. None of them, until Lyme, gave me any hesitation about having a dog as an integrally important family member in our homes. Here are some of the highlights of other infections from dogs you should be aware of.

Pasteurella multocida is a small bacteria commonly associated with rip-roaring infections following cat or dog bites. Usually those from cats are worse, as their sharp fangs deposit the bacteria more deeply. About 10% of bites require medical attention and account for 1% (300,000) emergency room visits each year, at an estimated cost of  $30 million per year. 1-2% of bites are serious enough to require hospitalization according to