Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India, Tuesday, April 09, 2013 — (Business Wire India) — eHealth Access ( www.ehealthaccess.com < http://www.ehealthaccess.com/ > ), a pioneer in healthcare technology which is on a constant strive to provide solutions for health care management, conducted a medical camp in the Dang district of Gujarat. The medical camp was a pilot test which offered free consultations with Doctors via the recently launched Medical Kiosk by eHealth Access.

The two day pilot started with Gujarat Dang district where 128 consultations (65% females and 35% male) were conducted successfully.

“This is a boon to rural India and can be a means to make Government of India’s Universal Health Program a reality, where we can reduce the doctors to Patient gap and make “doctor-reach” a reality for the common and underserved population, thereby aiding in the process of making India Healthy.” Said, Mr. Ram Prabhu, Technology Director, eHealth Access. “We started the pilot test in Gujarat and are planning replicate this activity PAN India.” He added

The latest census of health sector shows that India is lagging behind in doctor- patient ratio. It is observed, at present, that there is only one doctor available for more than 1900 patients. Experts believe that in-order to reach an ideal doctor-patient ratio a standard, India has to wait till 2050.

Govt of India is making many reforms by increasing the number of medical colleges, and number of medical seats in existing colleges etc in a bid to meet the existing doctor requirement in the near future. This move by the government is impeded by some challenges in the implementation, namely, issues like quality, affordability and interest of individuals to go for medical courses and the time span to get the desired results. The current population growth rate cannot be matched by the output of doctors. The technology and other means need to step up to bridge the gap.

The Medical Kiosk developed by eHealth Access is a portable plug and play device that enhances the doctor reach by enabling new paths for doctor consultations to support patient with their primary health needs. Doctors can now reach the patients regardless of geographical boundaries through the Medical Kiosk.

Commenting on the event, Mr. Suchindra, IFS officer from dang district, Gujarat, said, “eHealth Access has developed a very useful model; The innovative Medical kiosk technology will help tribal villages to have effective primary and preventive healthcare and this has proved to be working.”

The technology built in the Kiosk, allowed assessing patient’s profile on BP, Sugar, ECG, temperature and BMI to be transferred to the Doctor instantaneously, at the health camp.

After the diagnosis, people got their respective prescriptions printed on the local printer. People also brought in their previous medical reports for second opinion and they were able to scan it in the Medical Kiosk to send it to the Doctor and could successfully get the Doctor’s response through video consultation.

“I’m pleased with the technology in the device; it is almost like real time experience and makes it possible to see all of the patient vitals, patient over web, and investigation in electronic form etc. Medical Kiosk for sure will help us on our mission to make India healthy by enabling multiple channels to reach the patient.” Said, Dr. Rikin Patel, a medical practitioner from Gujarat who participated in the health camp.

This free medical camp was supported by Working Brains who are distributors of the Medical Kiosk.

About ehealth Access

ehealth Access Pvt Ltd, an innovative health care company, is focused on developing a New health care Eco system through Advanced Telemedicine Technology. ehealth Access Pvt Ltd believes that every individual should have an easy access to health care and wants to create a seamless bridge between patient and healthcare practitioner. The focus of ehealth Access is to make primary healthcare easy, quickly accessible and cost effective with the support of multi-specialty group of doctors on board. ehealth has the knowledge, expertise and support of highly qualified, compassionate and reputed panel of doctors for offering this service. The company through its website, www.ehealthaccess.com < http://www.ehealthaccess.com/ > , provides healthcare services over internet and through phone. One can get opinions from top specialists in various Medical specialties like Gynaecology, Dermatology, Gastroenterology, Cardiology, Psychology and all others, 24/7. With the kind of busy lives people live now, this 24 hour medical consultation over the phone provides instant access to the doctors where one can get expert advice on any health-related issue. All that is required is just picking up the phone and dialling a doctor. Their vision is to provide fast and affordable healthcare for patients through a large network of physicians across the globe.


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