Excel Gas & Equipments Wins Indian Institute of Science Education & Research’s Fifth Project to Install Gas Piping

Mumbai, Dec 03, 2014 –  Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Pune is a research-intensive teaching institute. Faculty and students investigate questions in science that lie beyond the boundaries of conventional thinking. The whole ambience is very academic with high energy levels to pursue high quality research.

Indian Institutes of Science Education and Research (IISERs) were created in 2006 through a proclamation of Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India, to promote quality education and research in basic sciences. Each IISER is a degree granting autonomous institution with a prime focus to integrate science education and research, with a motive of attracting bright students and world class faculty.

MR NITIN GODSE, MANAGING DIRECTOR, EXCEL GAS & EQUIPMENTS SAID “We are extremely happy to work with IISER and our relationship with IISER has
been continuing for years now. This is one of the huge project for us. We have done similar installations at IISER-Bhopal, NISER-Bhubaneshwar, IISER-Bangalore, IISC-Bangalore and IAST. Besides, we have executed similar installations for R & D in various sectors like Pharma, Specialty Research, Energy, Oil and Gas, Automotive, Textiles, Semiconductor, Agro Products etc…”

MR. NITIN GODSE FURTHER SAID “India has been a hub for quality education and research faculty. We have seen a surge in investment providing them with infrastructure of world-class facilities. Govt of India’s IISER initiative is only one of the major boost steps in this direction.”

ELABORATING FURTHER ON THE CONTRACT WORK, MR. NITIN GODSE SAID “Contract includes understanding client requirement, design, procurement, installation and of gas handling systems for IISER, Pune. The contract includes understanding client requirement, design, procurement, installation and commissioning of gas handling systems in Chemistry, Physics and Biology Building at IISER Pune. Additional works to original contract included internal tubing of all fumehoods supplied by main contractor and water line for one of the labs. Earlier the duration was only for 120 days and later since the project was extended further the duration also got extended to 450 days. Automation system was integrated to Indian – Exlok Make changeover. Complete tubing was designed and installed for imported Broen Make valves. The entire installation was completed with compression fittings. Post completion of the project, Excel will have a continued AMC for 2 year with IISER-Pune with a resident engineer posted at the site.”

MR. NITIN GODSE FURTHER SAID “Generally end users of gases do not have the knowledge and expertise on this gas handling system. Hence major safety hazards are associated with handling of gases. We need to understand that handling of gases is different than handling liquids. Gases are compressible, hence large quantity of gas fit under high pressure into confined containers like cylinders, bullets etc. Depending on the nature of gas they are filled at various pressures ranging from 2 bar to 220 bar and sometimes even higher. Uncontrolled release of this compressed gas will cause serious safety hazards and can lead to fatal accidents. Design precautions, Correct material and fabrication methods for gas handling systems, Hazard Analysis, operator trainings can avoid accidents in plant laboratories.”

MR. NITIN GODSE SAID “Unfortunately, there are very limited regulations related to gas handling systems available in India. Frequently referred standards and codes include NFPA 55 for Fire and related hazards, PESO for use of compressed gases and OSHA for safety of the users. Apart from these, ASME B31.8 is generally referred for designing and tubing. Recently FDA has become very stringent with regulations for pharma sector in particular. In India, from the past one
year FDA has issued warning letters to more than 8 major pharma companies, Form 483s to several more and even banned certain products manufactured by these companies. Mostly the issues highlighted are regarding good manufacturing practices. So it becomes very important to install gas handling systems and clean fluid handling systems with utmost care and after considering standards, codes and good manufacturing practices.”

MR. NITIN GODSE CONCLUDED SAYING “Gas handling systems have to be always designed by qualified professionals who are aware of applicable standards, codes and good manufacturing practices. They should also be clear about nature of gases, materials of construction, control systems used specifically for gases, implication of gas purity, safety aspects in terms of explosion, fire or gas leakage. Most of the time the client is unaware of the complete requirements of the gas handling systems they need as piping systems is one of the utility to their core business. Hence the design team has to understand the stated and unstated
requirements of the application and design a system accordingly after explaining the same to client. Thus installed gas handling system needs proper validations from time to time in order to ensure purity of gases, proper functionality of instruments and accessories. Again, this is to be done by authorized personnel only. It involves complete leak audits, pressure testing, calibration of instruments and sensors, replacement of worn out/used up material and minor modifications as per users latest requirements. An AMC with proficient contractor is highly recommended to achieve the same.”  CCI Newswire