Mumbai, Sep 03, 2015: Fermenta Biotech Limited , a driving force in propagating vitamin D awarenessin India,joinedforceswith Vitamin Angels – a non-profit organization that works to save and improve livesacross the world, by providing vitamins and minerals to pregnant women, new mothers, and children under five.

This association with Vitamin Angelssynergizes with Fermenta Biotech Limited’s vision to ensure no one is deprived of vital nutrients. Fermenta Biotech Limitedhas been on a constant look out for opportunities to add value to its customers and individuals and sees this as a perfect occasion to create an impact and touch lives, especially of nutrition deprived women and children.

An award-winning non-profit organization, Vitamin Angels works to reach underserved communities in partnership with over 700 NGOs in more than 50 countries around the world. Fermenta BiotechLimited,through its donations,helpedover 40,000 children in India and all over the worldgain access to life changing vitamins. For the past eightyears, Vitamin Angels has received Charity Navigator’s highest rating for Financial Health, Accountability and Transparency. Over 90% of donations to Vitamin Angels goes directly towards delivering vitamins to children and mothers.

TogetherFermenta Biotech Limited and Vitamin Angels, through their partnership,aredetermined tosolve the fundamental problem of undernutrition—a widespread challenge,especially in rural areas. Undernutrition, also known as “hidden hunger”, occurs when individuals consume enough calories to survive, but the foods they eat lack adequate nutritional value. Poverty, food insecurity, lack of opportunity, limited resources, and even political instability can impact a child’s or mother’s nutritional status. Children under five, pregnant women, and new mothers are the most vulnerable to undernutrition.

Vitamins Angels is working to combat undernutrition through a comprehensive approach that starts with vitamin supplementationand includes support for breastfeeding women, deworming, and more. Vitamin Angels believes every child deserves the chance to lead a healthy and productive life – something possible through the power of vitamins.

“It is a privilege for Fermenta Biotech to be able to support the global endeavors of the nonprofit organization, Vitamin Angels,” says Mr. Prashant Nagre, Chief Executive Officer of Fermenta Biotech Limited. “It feels great tojoin Vitamin Angels’ compassionate initiative and be able to make a difference towards health and wellbeing of thousandsof people the world over. Our motto is to discover, develop and deliver futuristic health solutions that help embrace a well-nourished life. Vitamin Angels is a perfect partner in that endeavor.

“We are so pleased to partner with Fermenta Biotech,” said Howard Schiffer, president and founder of Vitamin Angels. “Their support is essential to the work that Vitamin Angels is doing in India and around the world. We are grateful for their support and look forward to a long partnership.” 
Corporate Comm India (CCI Newswire)


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