Bengaluru, June 03, 2016: OXXY, India’s largest Healthcare Network is all set to launch the First Health Channel in the Indian History. We have variety of channels across the platform, but this kind is witnessed for the First Time.

OXXY has always been in news either thru its ‘SWASTHA BHARAT launch’ and world record of screening 1 million people on the same day or by spreading its arms in 1500 cities of the country and screening more than 12 million people in one year. With this channel totally focusing on Health, it will be extremely beneficial for the masses.

Pankaj Gupta, Director OXXY Healthcare said “Our Network Partners and customers always needed this initiative to take place, we were framing the basics so that our audience gets what they always aimed for. With the launch, we are totally focused on our concept of awareness and educating the masses on healthcare aspects and platforms”.

OXXY has more than 1,50,000 hospitals, diagnostics & path labs in its network. Thru OXXY TV Channel it will be great to see all of them together on a Live Platform. The Health Tv will air unscripted content generated by the in-house team which has a clear vision to show the health reality on TV. This channel will target all from inception to death with focused programs on Ayurveda, allopath and homeopathy.

There would be programs on: Advanced Healthcare Technology, Exercise and Fitness, Transparency of Insurances, Live Panel of Doctors for discussions, Q&A with viewers, Hospitals Facilities Competition, Development of Human Body, Increase in Life Span, Quiz Shows to assess healthcare knowledge of the masses across all platforms etc.

“Rising health issues is the key reason to enter the broadcasting industry. I am sure we will make a revolutionary change in the broadcasting Platform to look beyond commercial and entertainment” added Pankaj Gupta director OXXY.

Corporate Comm India (CCI Newswire)


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