New Delhi, Nov 04, 2014 – I Holland, the leading specialist manufacturer of tablet tooling for the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries will be launching the innovative MF 80 this autumn. The MF80 is an automated punch polisher which offers a large capacity for increased polishing per cycle.

MF 80, a new larger capacity version of the recently launch MF 40, was designed to help increase polishing capacity. With an 80 litre drum and the ability to hold up to 17 B or 12 D punches per holder, it gives a maximum of 85 B or 60 D punches per polishing cycle.

Andy DumelowPharmaCare® Equipment Manager said: “Following the success of the MF 40 automated punch polisher, which was launched in 2013, we have now introduced the MF 80 which has double the capacity and offers even greater time saving.

“The importance of maintaining tools is essential to extending the life of tablet tooling and we recommend using a machine like the MF 80 as part of the I Holland 7 Step PharmaCare® process, a professional maintenance and storage programme. This procedure follows 7 simple steps to tooling maintenance and includes clean, assess, repair, measure, polish, lubricate and store. The MF 80 automated punch polisher ensures consistent, even polishing every time and will help to maximise trouble free tablet production by keeping tooling in perfect condition.”

The MF 80 offers a solution to overcoming tooling problems like sticking and corrosion, and will polish dull and discoloured punches to a micro fine high quality finish by using a drag finishing process. The punch is automatically rotated through media and polishing paste, which saves time and ensures a consistent result.

The new automated punch polisher offers a smooth operation, whilst improving efficiency in the tablet press resulting in a quality end product. Operated via touchscreen software and available in several languages, the MF 80 will be introduced world-wide.

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