Bengaluru, January 10, 2018: Are you conscious of going out post a hair transplant? Do you feel awkward in attending social gatherings? Here is now a solution to all your worries by Hairline International Hair & Skin Clinic. The Hair & Skin Clinic has come up with a Post Hair Transplant Hair Cap.

Whether it be a simple outing with family and friends any other social gathering or even corporate events the cap can be used. It is designed for both men and women for any occasion where they can opt for the cap until the full growth of hair is realised. It can be used after one month after the hair transplant once the wound and scars have healed.

If a patient is interested in the hair cap, the clinic will take samples of their hair strands, test it in their labs and replicate the hair of the patient and can be either synthetic or natural. This customised hair cap replicates the patient’s hair colour and is also specifically sized to the fit to the patient’s scalp. The Hair Cap, designed to look totally natural unlike a wig, is easy to use and maintain.

Interestingly, the hair cap need not be taken off even while swimming or driving, permitting the user to function the same way as in the case of normal hair. It protects the healing area on the scalp from dust, sun and other weather conditions as well.

Stating that the hair cap is ideal to protect the new hair follicles from the ravages of sun and dust, Dr Bani Anand, Founder & Managing Director Hairline International Hair & Skin Clinic added, “It is the first time something like this is being introduced. The hair cap will not inhibit hair growth and so the patient can safely wear it till the full crop of hair growth after the hair transplant is achieved. Since many feel awkward after a transplant, given the sparse growth in the initial days and weeks, the hair cap serves as an ideal solution.”

Dr A Dinesh G G, Sr Dermatosurgeon Hairline International Hair & Skin Clinic added “The growth of hair post a hair transplant usually takes about 6 months to a year; this hair cap is designed keeping in mind this fact. Unlike a wig, the density of hair in the cap is very light giving it a more natural look. The advantage of this is that the hair cap will not damage the hair follicle in any way either. It will in fact help in protecting the scalp from unwanted dust particles.”

​​Hailing the hair cap as an ideal solution to address social occasions that invariably arise during the interim period of the hair transplant and full hair growth,Mr. Swaminathan who underwent the hair transplant at Hairline International said, “The hair cap is extremely comfortable and very similar to wearing a normal cap. There is no itchy sensation underneath or excessive sweat under the cap that can cause discomfort. In fact it is perfectly cool beneath the cap and is an ideal solution to pass through the interim period between the hair transplant and full hair growth.”

At Hairline International, this offering comes complimentary post the hair transplant procedure at Hairline Clinics. Those who come to Hairline post a hair transplant at other clinics can also avail this option of the hair cap. The same is priced is at INR 30,000.

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