It is our immense pleasure to welcomes every one of the members over the globe to participate in the International Conference on Vaccines and Immune Response during June 17-18, 2019 in Dubai, UAE and highlights the theme “Next Generation Vaccine; Research, Development and Challenges” which includes various research findings of Vaccines and Immunology.

Immune Response 2019 brings together scientists, public health professional, vaccine researchers, and other key stakeholders to discuss progress and challenges in Immunology and Vaccines research and development and implementation as identified in the universal Vaccines accomplishment. The aim of the conference is to provide an international platform for discussion and debate among Immunology and Vaccines research and development providers, policymakers, academics and researchers on strategies and initiatives to achieve transformational and sustainable development in Immunology and Vaccines research and development in local and global contexts.

On behalf of IMMUNE RESPONSE 2019, we invite you to take this opportunity to join us for academic exchange and visit the city of Dubai, UAE.

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