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Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, Friday, May 03, 2013 -- (Business Wire India) -- Oral care for long was devoid of consumer appeal. It was, and to an extent still is, perceived as a burden rather than an investment. However, increasing private participation in health, followed by mass media campaigns and the growing awareness and access to preventive models is glamorizing oral care market. Until a few years, oral and dental care was quintessential to the youth but the trend now seen is that even old aged people are getting attracted to beautifying their smile. The urge to strive for the perfect smile is not only restricted to the youth but the older people are very fast catching up with the pace.

Currently the old age population in India is around 8% amounting to over 80 million and expected to reach 12% in 2025. The world population of elderly individuals is expected to reach 830 million by 2025, of which India alone will contribute to 110 million, which means one out of every 7 aged persons in the world will be an Indian.

India is seeing a colossal speeding demand for Geriatric Dentistry, the science of Dental care explicitly for the older generation dealing in diagnosis, beautification of smile and cosmetic dental care procedures. Geriatric dentistry is the delivery of dental care to older adults involving diagnosis, prevention and treatment of problems associated with normal aging and age related diseases. According to Dr. Karishma Jaradi, Cosmetic Dentist, Dentzz Dental Care Centres, the new wave of consumerism in India has impacted the healthcare sector too and fortunately with awareness Geriatric Dentistry is emerging as the most lucrative & sought after procedure in metro cities. Full mouth Reconstruction procedures is one of the leading dental medical treatment which is gaining tremendous popularity and assists to produce flawless results restore the oral function back to normal.

Older individuals are more likely to require repair and restorative dental products, such as crowns, bridges or dentures, than other segments of the population. In addition, aging baby boomers are more likely to engage in cosmetic procedures, such as whitening or veneers, in order to maintain a youthful appearance. As individuals age, their medical needs change. Geriatric dentistry involves painless procedures specifically for the teeth, mouth, and gums of older individuals, generally those over 55 years of age.

Understanding the changing anatomy and body processes a lot of elderly people are fast seeing Geriatric Dentistry as an important factor of their body that helps to maintain a healthy lifestyle. According to Dr. Shantanu Jaradi, Cosmetic Dentist, Dentzz Dental Care "Today people are on a roll to look perfect, dress ideal and even display their perfect smile. And this is even enormously seen in the older adults in India. There has been seen a tremendous rise in cases of Geriatric Dentistry where the older slot are enrolling for smile beautification. India is seeing a huge demand for dental care amongst the older adults. Earlier a good smile was seen as a prerogative of an actress or a model. Today, even old people want to have a beaming smile. It is not only about maintaining hygiene and dental care but to get that perfect smile and the right alignment."

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