Bengaluru, February 19, 2019: Indonesia based Dermozone, a renowned wound healing and skincare products company, has announced its plans to shortly launch in India a total of five ‘+dalethyne’ based skincare products under its two product categories- The Dermozone Acne Solution Category which will have three products namely Dermozone Acne Wax , Dermozone Face Wash & Dermozone Face Scrub and the Dermozone Baby category which will have two products namelyDermozone Baby Wax & Dermozone Baby Massage Oil.

Dermozone is in the process of identifying potential organizations in India with whom it will enter into a partnership for the entire marketing and sales of the above mentioned five skin care products.

The Company had recently announced the India launch of its Dermozone range of ‘+dalethyne’ based wound care products that would be a new hope for unsolved chronic, acute, and burn wounds, which are now increasing rapidly in India. Dermozone has partnered with Delhi based Alniche Life Sciences Pvt Ltd, a specialty healthcare company, to handle the complete marketing and sales of the wound care products.

+dalethyne, a breakthrough in medicinal science and the key ingredient of the complete range of Dermozone’s wound care and skincare products was invented after 18 years of untiring research since 2000 by Kayapan Satya Dharshan, the Founder and Chairman of  Dermozone, +dalethyne , a clinically tested compound, isobtained from a process of fatty acid segregation of extra virgin olive oil.

“+dalethyne has proven effect of anti-microbial, fungicidal and antiviral quality with deep skin-penetrable quality. Investigations have revealed that +dalethyne reduces inflammation and accelerates wound healing.” said Kayapan Satya Dharshan. “+dalethyne has been patented in several countries under my name and this patent is certified as a Novel Innovation Patent in Geneva. All Dermozone products use the power of goodness of +dalethyne to heal any skin related issue without any side-effects.”

Dermozone Acne Wax is a thick texture wax with good aroma, to be applied on the surface of the acne 2 -3 times a day to eliminate common acne bacteria, at the same time reduces the over production of sebum by rectifying the sebaceous gland and reduces inflammation. The wax texture will make +dalethyne stay longer on the skin and leave the skin smooth. Dermozone Acne Wax works on mild to severe acne.

Dermozone Face Wash is designed well to cleanse and remove dirt that may cause Acne. This product works very well for the sensitive skin and the acne-prone skin. Dermozone Face Wash maintains the face skin pH balance. Using it twice a day will keep your skin clean and glowing.

Dermozone Face Scrub is a face skin exfoliator to refresh your skin. With a relaxing aroma, the inspired by nature Dermozone Face Scrub gently exfoliates, cleanses and removes impurities that will help smoothen the skin by physically lifting off dead skin cells, promotes skin cell regeneration, and reduce over production of sebum.  Dermozone Face Scrub will also prevent  acne and make the skin smooth and glowing. Apply Dermozone Face Scrub to slightly damp skin and massage in circular motion to the entire face for 60 seconds, twice a week to get your skin at its best condition.

Dermozone Baby Wax helps treat and prevent diaper rash, sore or even irritated eczema prone-skin on babies by combining the natural absorptions of shea butter, candelila wax, nutmeg oil, lemon myrtle oil with +dalethyne as its active compound. It has a fresh scent and gently provides moisture to help the skin healthy and keep the little ones comfortable.

Dermozone Baby Massage Oil especially formulated for babies is used for massages before bath or at bed time which are always fun and a fantastic opportunity for bonding with your little ones. It increases circulation, helps baby relax before bedtime and even enhances baby’s cognitive awareness of his/her body. Enriched with the goodness of +dalethyne that ensures baby’s skin is healthy and lustrous, usage of 5 to 10 drops of the Dermozone Baby Massage Oil   in the baby bath tub during bath time will also help to smoothen their skin.

Corporate Comm India(CCI NewsWire) 


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