– Two Unique blends to celebrate the cricket world cup and team India

– Captain cool blend – A delicate blend that keeps you calm and relaxed

– Anchor blend – A special blend, that keeps you rejuvenated and gets you going for longer innings.

Mumbai, Mar 04, 2015 — LaPlant Beverages (www.laplanttea .com), a start-up that truly addresses the growing need of Green Tea and Herbal infusions by wellness seekers in India, announced today, its launch of The World Cup blend to celebrate the cricket mood of the nation.

Three specific blends have been launched, inspired by the Indian cricket team. Caption cool blend is a fine blend of peppermint and chamomile in a finely defined proportion with green tea. Like our Captain, this blend will make you feel relaxed and help you cool down. The dash of green tea will ensure that you remain active, just like our – Captain.

Our anchor blend is inspired by our middle order line up. It is a delicate mix of Green Tea, Tulsi and Lemongrass to offer that rejuvenating feeling throughout the match. It keeps you going, just like our middle order. The blend will be available for the entire duration of the world cup and can be bought from the company’s website www.laplanttea.com

At an event held in Mumbai on Tuesday to mark the special blend, Pankaj Prakash, Head Marketing, LaPlant Beverages said: “LaPlant takes pride in its offerings of customised blends across the product range. Now, with the increasing number of Green tea customers and their growing demand for new blends, the company is motivated to experiment with new flavours and come out with fresh blends.”

LaPlant Beverages is a start-up by Amod Singh, an IIT Kharagpur and Cornell Alumnus and Pankaj Prakash, a MICAn. Dedicated to Green Tea and herbal infusions in India, they have devised numerous blends, especially suited to the Indian taste, and innovative packaging solutions to retain the aroma for the longest duration. Armed with over 20 green tea blends and more than 10 Himalayan herbs, they are the largest selling Green Tea Brand in the Indian e-commerce market. No wonder, they call themselves warriors of the Green Tea Revolution. CCI Newswire


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