Hyderabad May 21, 2018: Coblation is a relatively new technology mainly used in the field of ENT and Ortho in which tissue reduction or cutting of the tissue is done by plasma ( fourth state of matter which contains highly charged particles like electrons and neutrons and free radicals). The plasma is created at the end of the cutting tool by specific electrical power. This plasma causes disintegration of the tissue by molecular dissociation without heating up of the tissue. Since there is no damage to the tissue and surgery is done at normal temperature of the body, the healing is without swelling of the part of the surgery typically breathing path. This aspect makes the coblation as a preferred technology for all surgeries in the breathing path.

This workshop is a live surgical demonstration of the coblation assisted surgeries and will help in the training of ENT surgeons on this aspect. More than 60 ENT doctors from all over the country are attending this workshop and getting benefited. Nearly thirty patients suffering with different ENT diseases are being operated in this workshop. Twenty five patients are being operated at highly subsidized cost from the hospital side.

Corporate Comm India(CCI Newswire)


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