Ahmedabad, November 16, 2018: The country is set to see a revolutionary approach to Physiotherapy with the inauguration of World’s finest, Asia’s largest and most advanced Physiotherapy Centre at Science City, Ahmedabad on September 30, 2018.

‘”Mission Health Ability Clinic” is a landmark project and a marvel in the field of Physiotherapy, Fitness & Rehabilitation,” says Dr. Aalap Shah & Dr. Disha Shah, Founder & Director, of Mission Health, India’s 1st chain of Physiotherapy, Fitness & Rehabilitation Centres, where over 220 Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation experts specialized in different fields, are grouped under one roof. This revolutionary approach to Physiotherapy is set to take Gujarat and the nation by storm as these Super Specialized Physiotherapists come from renowned institutes across the country to provide best treatment using latest technological marvels.

As we are set to launch our sixth project inquiries have begin pouring in from all over the world,” says Dr. Aalap Shah, who already has five state of art physiotherapy clinics in the city. First branch of Mission Health was established in 2007 with the motto of redefining Physiotherapy in India. Within a short span of 8 years there were 5 branches of Mission Health in Ahmedabad.

The latest centre to be inaugurated at the Science City will be the ultimate in Super Specialty approach to physiotherapy as all ailments are taken care of under one roof through breathtakingly innovative health solutions & technological advances at its ultimate level.

For instance Robotics in Neurological Rehabilitation is introduced for the first time and the robot-assisted treatment protocols shall enable intensive training and optimal exploration of Neuroplasticity (when the brain starts to relearn following serious injuries). This indeed opens new vista of hope for Neuro patients,” says Dr. Disha Shah.

Technological marvels like The Lokomat – lower extremity Robot & Armeo – upper extremity Robot from Switzerland; Hope of Hand – The hand Robot from Hongkong, Liko Lift from Hillrom Chicago focuses on highest repetition of movement in most physiological pattern and can develop new neuronal circuits after severe brain, spinal cord or nerves injury. Thus, patient who might stand or move @ 7th month of Brain stroke, we will be able to move them as early as 7th day post brain or spinal cord injury reducing the days of immobility & preventiong complications of bed ridency. Imagine patient after brain hemorrhage walking on 7th day on lokomat with no power in the legs, will bring fastest brain recovery.

To support this Neuro Rehab facilities we have also back up of technologies like Lite Gait from USA, Enruff Neuro treadmill (which senses the speed of patient) from neatherlands, Speech & Think clinic from neatherlands, dysphagia management Myomed from neatherlands, Active passive trainer from france, Tilt table from korea, Functional Electrical stimulation from korea.

We are aso launching Rehab suites – Transitional care centre where patients who are immobile or from out of Ahmedabad can stay with us for world’s most advanced Physio & Rehab facilities.

The HUBER 360 for Sports & Neuro Muscular Rehabilitation which is a new Multiaxis Motorized Platform that works with force sensors at both physical and cognitive levels of patients bringing enhanced physical and cognitive abilities will be used to train Indian Sports players for the development of quick reflex and improve their reaction timings thus preventing sports injury also. Mission Health is expected to be the Hub for Sports REHAB & Conditioning,” says Dr. Aalap Shah.

Pointing to the Non-Surgical 3d Spinal Decompression System (SDS) for non-surgical relief from neck & low back pain, he says SDS uses the most popular decompression system found anywhere in the world and first time made available in India by Mission Health. SDS cn focus  on reversal of slipped disc without any medicines, injections or surgery. More than 25000 Spine patients treated successfully in last 11 years @ other branches of Mission Health.

Pain Management Technological advances like HIRO TT and THEAL THERAPY with over 300 integrated protocols are known to provide fastest results in non invasive management of Neck Pain, Back Pain, Sciatica, Knee Pain, Heel Pain, Ligament Injuries, Sports Injuries, Degenerative Conditions and many more. These are the technologies from the world which has power of regeneration of cartilage in human knee joints.

Multiple other Rehabilitation Technologies like Z7, Tecar Therapy, Shockwave Therapy complete the entire Rehabilitation Module leaving no stone unturned to provide best results to patients.

Advancing the Rehab Tourism, this sixth branch encompasses 5 star Rehab Suites designed ergonomically for In Patient Rehabilitation @ affordable prices. They already have Indoor Patient rooms at their Maninagar & Chandkheda branch.

At Mission Health we focus on individualistic approach as individualized treatment ensures full patient cooperation,” says Dr. Aalap Shah who had spent eight years learning his craft in different parts of the world.

Dr. Aalap and his wife Dr. Disha Shah are turning out to be one of the biggest entrepreneurs in the country’s Rehab field. Dr. Aalap is currently pursuing his PhD in Spine Rehabilitation. Dr. Aalap & Dr. Disha travelled extensively to 10 countries all over the world to bring best in Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation to Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

Today the hard work and vision has paid off with the launch of the sixth centre which also marks a jump in Physiotherapy Field to give “Mission Health Ability Clinic” an international status as it becomes Asia’s largest and world’s finest in physiotherapy experience.

Physiotherapeutic services have been divided into many categories like Musculoskeletal, Sports, Cardio respiratory, Neurology, Pediatrics, Women’s health etc, thus bringing all of these “Super-Specialized Physiotherapy” underroof.

What sets Mission Health apart from contemporary physiotherapy clinics?

Our latest & invidualized treatment protocols along with state of art technologies form the core of Super-Specialized Physiotherapy at Mission Health and they are world apart,” Dr. Aalap says.

We are launching first Assessment Lounge in the country where 3d spine assessment, Foot assessment, first 3D BODY Scanner “Styku” that revolutionizes measurement indices of fat, muscle and other body tissues from USA, etc. are all under one roof to provide Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation at its best.

The Revamped Fitness Zone has all you name in Fitness field for best Cardio Equipments to state of art Strength Stations, World renowned group workouts with with new add ons like MX-4, S-Drive Performance Trainer, S – Force and amazingly designed Cross Fit Zone thus making it truly is a marvel in “Exercise Physiology”.

When the Indian hockey player Sandeep Singh was shot accidentally in 2006 he had to be sent to Netherlands for Rehabilitation at a heavy cost. “Today with the facilities that we offer Sandeep could have been easily treated here,” Dr. Aalap Shah says.

Yes we have our Corporate Social Responsibility too. For the poor we offer our services at economical terms and see to it that they return home happily,” says Dr. Aalap.



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