New Delhi, January 11, 2019: The mutual fund market is an ocean filled with opportunities. However, the tools to catch a big fish are sparse. As Sir John Dryden (better known by his nom de plume of Glorious John) once said, “He who seeks pearls, must be ready to scale the ocean,” finding a worthy investment option is no different than mudlarking in the oceans.

While Google – the holy place for all answers – has significantly reduced the search period for anything, there are still many cracks in its system through which some incongruous forces may seep in, making your quest go haywire.

To subside this confusion and make your road to a safe investment less spiky, MySIPonline has come up with a fresh yet powerful idea of investing in mutual funds, by leveraging on the prowess of technology. The theory is simple – take the investors to the places they’d like to be at. To portray this idea on the canvas, MySIPonline filled in the cavity between the mutual fund companies and the investors, thus removing the tension of finding a good financial advisor.

In an interview with Mr. Virendra Ranawat, the CEO and co-founder of MySIPonline, we got to know some riveting facts that are surely going to twitch your brain. He spoke candidly about the role of MySIPonline in bettering the contemporary investment scenario, and what the investors can expect from it in the future.

“MySIPonline isn’t an online broker, neither it is a marketing platform for the asset management companies. The way I like to see it is in the form of a junction, where different flocks of investors can become familiar with the best mutual fund options, make vivid scrutiny of their selections, and can buy stakes in them at no extra cost”.

“What I like the most about MySIPonline,” he added, “is its unbiased approach towards helping the investors. You don’t have to necessarily be a computer geek or a financial wizard to be able to use it. All you need to have is an interest in wealth building and an internet connection. That’s it! Creating an account on our website will take less time than you spend sipping your coffee, that too completely free!”

Not only does MySIPonline provide a digital medium to partake in mutual funds, but it also acts as an online investment counsellor. It hosts regular updates on mutual funds and related aspects, keeping the readers abreast of the latest happenings in the market. In an attempt to teach smart methods of investing, MySIPonline has also started a web series – The Mutual Fund Talk Show – on YouTube, which has become omnipresent in the fiscal industry. The channel holds archives of discussions and unbiased analysis on the top mutual funds, which the viewers can use to their advantage and create a cohesive portfolio.

One of the major problems that investors face is to decide the term of their investments. They are willing to lighten their pockets for mutual funds but aren’t sure where exactly they should park their money.

“This is where MySIPonline comes to the rescue,” said Mr. Ranawat. “We know that there is a huge potential in the investment market, but is rarely tapped due to hesitance of the people as they are not fully informed of the avenues available to them.”

MySIPonline, in order to forge a knowledge-based investment culture, came up with intriguing features to help the investors devise high rewarding plans. Here’s a snapshot of a few features that you get to enjoy at this website: –

  • SIP Calculator – a tool to find out your SIP investment worth at maturity;
  • Tax Calculator – consider it as your online tax advisor, your friend that does the homework for your tax planning;
  • Personal Dashboard – where you can study the readings of your funds on a daily basis.

Amidst the dense jungle of mutual funds, MySIPonline acts as a pathfinder that navigates you to an approachable opportunity. As the great Albert Einstein once said, “Opportunities don’t happen, you create them,” it’s time for you to break out of your cocoon and dare to aim higher. Who knows, you might end up being the next big thing?

Corporate Comm India(CCI Newswire)


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