New Delhi, September 19, 2015: Whole Pharma industry is looking for new safe and effective pain killer. Number of herbal formulation can be more successful pain killers. These formulations are safe even.
S.Compound a herbal formulation which had established better results than Phenylbutazine and Ibuprofen during clinical investigation can take the whole world as surprise. In India Ministry of Health has already accepted it as a Medicine and is on the approved list of Medicines for the last more than two decades.
Today, S.Compound has become synonymous to the herb Boswellia Serrata on which it is based.
The formulation S.Compound had shown its result in Ulcerative Colitis and Bronchial asthma, research papers can be seen in European Journal of Medical Research & Planta Medica.
WHO had also inserted research work of S.Compound while giving description of the herb Bosweelia Serrata in its book titled Monograph on Selected Medicinal Plants Vol IV .
In arthritis it has become a medicine of choice. For details visit:
The Formulation has been introduced in India by GMP Compliance National Award Winning Company RAHUL PHARMA Jammu.
Corporate Comm India(CCI Newswire)


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