New Delhi, June 25, 2015 – Trivitron Healthcare, the largest Medical Technology Company of Indian origin has launched the smallest Swizz make 5PDA Hematology Analyzer (Mythic 22 OT & Mythic 22 AL). The launch of the products took place in collaboration with Orphée Medical of Switzerland for exclusive marketing & distribution by Trivitron recently in Chennai. This is one of a kind product in the hematology segment that is smallest, more accurate, economical and has very low maintenance.

The 5 part Hematology Analyzer is a blood cell counter used by pathologists for measuring properties of blood useful in the diagnosis of disease. These instruments quantify, classify and describe cell populations in blood samples. It helps in accurate diagnosis of various blood related disorder and diseases.The new products have many benefits in terms of maintenance and accuracy and help to maintain database of the patients in a system.

Mr. Vincent Miranda, Director, Sales-Diagnostics said -“Trivitron Healthcare is growing tremendously in the medical technology space with our wings spread in Imaging &Radiology Products, Diagnostics, Critical Care products and OT infra products. We are proud to be exclusive partners for this small but powerful Hematology Analyzer and this is a key product for Trivitron and Orphée Medical of Switzerland. Apart from other key benefits the product is accurate and beneficial in pathology labs for easy and quick diagnosis for customers “.

Few other benefits of this product are as follows –

1. Patented Optical system offer True detection of 5 Part of WBC differential through optical measurements.

2. Detailed morphological flagging of abnormal cells help pathologist to interpret result of patient more accurately.

3. Inbuilt QC with LJ curve to improveQuality control program of Lab.

4. Touch screen operation with user friendly software functions.

Mythic 22 differentiates with unique features and latest patented Technology- 1. OCHF (Optical Cytometer Hydeofocus free) 2. Unique only one lyse technology 3. True 5part diff by optical measurement 4. WBC counting with two measurement principals 5.Flagging on detection of abnormal cells.

Trivitron healthcare in transforming life with evolving new range of products. CCI Newswire


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