Mumbai, May 21, 2015
TTK Healthcare, engaged in pharmaceuticals, medical devices, consumer products and food products, has posted strong growth in profits during the fourth quarter ended March 2015 and its net profit moved up by 40.6 per cent to Rs.4.57 crore from Rs.3.25 crore in the corresponding quarter of last year. Its net sales improved by 11.6 per cent to Rs.111.70 crore from Rs.100.13 crore. EPS worked out to Rs.5.88 as compared to Rs.4.19 in the last period.

For the full year ended March 2015, TTK’s net sales increased by 16.1 per cent to Rs.482.55 crore from Rs.415.56 crore in the previous year. Its net profit went up by 30.4 per cent to Rs.16.16 crore from Rs.12.39 crore. EBITDA saw a growth of 39.9 per cent to Rs.36.12 crore from Rs.25.82 crore. The company management declared equity dividend of 45 per cent for the year 2014-15.

Its pharmaceutical segment contributed 55 per cent to its total sales, medical devices 4 per cent, consumer products 30 per cent and food & other products 12 per cent during 2014-15. Its pharmaceutical sales amounted to Rs.262.75 crore as against Rs.224.44 crore in the previous year and that of medical devices segment Rs.19.80 crore as compared to Rs.18.07 crore. Medical devices include artificial heart valves, orthopaedic implants, etc. Consumer products sales reached at Rs.142.15 crore from Rs.123.99 crore.


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