Mumbai, November 19, 2016: Waiting is irritating. Isn’t it? The amount of time spent at a clinic is a key aspect of the patient’s encounter. Studies reveal that, on an average, patients wait for about 52 minutes in doctor’s clinic and more than four hours in emergency departments.

There are certain things which cannot wait.

“Currently, each Doctor is using a self-developed conventional paper-pen method of handling the flow and sequencing of patients, which is barely functioning as required, without any significant benefits to either the Doctor or Patient”- Chintan Bhatia, Co-founder of DocQ.

With advancement in Healthcare Technology, it is essential that doctors switch to Digital form queue management which increases efficiency of Doctors time and reduces Patient Waiting time.

Why should doctors shift to use queue management application?

1. Timely updates of the appointment and keeping the patient in the loop is the need of the hour.

2. It will help to increase the number of patients treated at the clinic.

3. Real time analytics gives the doctor an overview to manage their queue effectively.

4. The reduced wait time will directly impact patient satisfaction which in turn leads to retention.

5. Research says that only 4% of the dissatisfied patients complain and the rest do not come back for the second visit. Doctors will now be able to get a direct feedback from the patients in real time which will help them identify and improve their practice.

6. Integration with other modules like Accounts, Reminder System, EHR helps the Doctor be in control of the clinic.

Understanding these problems, two young entrepreneurs from ‘The Project Health’ decided to make the inevitable change; with the vision of having ‘Better Patient Experience’ and to reduce the waiting time of the patients. Keeping this in mind, DocQ was developed which helps doctors for efficient functioning and stress free practice at their clinics.

Based on their research, they have come to the conclusion that 78% of the patients are dissatisfied by waiting in the doctor’s queue and 67% of the people do not go to the clinic because of the assumed waiting. After hearing the grief of the patients who had to wait a lot, the founders realized that DocQ is a service that benefits not only the patients but is more beneficial to the doctors.

The doctor need a system in place that takes care of the waiting time and is easy to use and cost- effective and at the same time caters to the other operational requirements in the clinic such as Patient Communication, Administration & Accounting. DocQ– India’s first App Based PRM is easy to install and adapts to the existing Doctor’s practice. “It’s as simple as using WhatsApp. All Doctors are not tech savvy and do not have time to learn new systems.” – says Co-Founder Karan Desai

The current health care users seek instant satisfaction and they have been scouring the internet looking for hospitals and doctors that will provide it to them. With this kind of growing consumer-mindedness, doctors should address wait times and try and eliminate it as much as possible. Patient wait-times might seem like a tiny part of the overall patient experience, but it actually has a powerful effect on the satisfaction levels. After all, a frustrated patient is not a happy one! Know what the Doctors have to say about DocQ.

Queue management App is a small initiative towards the Better Medical Service and better patient experience in the longer run and DocQ has just catered to the same. You can upgrade your practice by downloading DocQ from the Google Playstore and access the 7 days free trial.

Corporate Comm India (CCI Newswire)


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