Bangalore, July 17, 2013: iENT Conference and Live Surgical Symposium set a common platform for Consultants in ENT and ophthalmology to improve patient care services 

— To help clinicians enhance knowledge paving the way for better diagnosis, treatment and patient outcomes

BGS Global Hospitals hosted the first of its kind “iENT Conference and Live Surgical Symposium” that brought together 2 specialties – ENT and Ophthalmology early this week. Through this program, BGS Global Hospitals provided a unique platform to bring together Otolaryngologists and ophthalmologists, facilitate mutual knowledge sharing between the two branches and thus having far reaching impact towards better patient care and treatment outcomes.

Dr. D R Srinivas, Consultant – ENT, BGS Global Hospitals, said, “ENT and Ophthalmology have a long and congenial professional relationship in the development of their mutual specialties over many years. Starting off as one branch several decades ago, we later moved on to develop their individual specialties owing to rapid advancements in each field.”

“However, plenty of the problems encountered in routine practice involve expertise from both specialties because of the proximity of the Eye to the Nose and also sharing of functions. These problems include: eye complications of sinusitis, problems of the tear glands, tumours and trauma to eye, optic nerve decompression, and complications of endoscopic sinus surgery.”

Dr. Vishal Rao, Consultant – Head and Neck Surgeon, BGS Global Hospitals stated, “Nose and sinus cancers often tend to involve the eye ball. Over the years there have been several advances in surgical techniques including endoscopes that help us to preserve eye ball and vision. In addition, eye tumors in children can be treated very effectively with chemotherapy and radiotherapy while preserving vision. iENT is a unique platform for us to exchange and share knowledge to improve patient outcomes in the treatment of eye tumors.”

Both specialties have their own expertise to contribute to these common problems. In many cases it is in the best interest of the patient if both specialties consult and contribute their knowledge, experience, and techniques in these cases.

The special highlights of this program were:

1) National and state faculty from reputed institutions across the country including Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai, Jain ENT Center, Jaipur, etc addressed 120 doctors who attended the workshop.

3) Specialised surgeries were performed by ENT surgeons with Ophthalmologists

4) PG and consultant awards for innovations in the common field were given away

5) Presentation on Bionic eye – A visual prosthesis, often referred to as a bionic eye, is an experimental visual device intended to restore functional vision in those suffering from partial or total blindness.  (Business Wire India)


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