Give a Tangy Twist to the Summer Heat

Bengaluru, June 15, 2016: Its summer and the stubborn sun is shining bright, right above your head, drinking the essential water from your body, keeping you dehydrated. With summer you also get introduced to intense heat and excessive heat strokes. Fresca launches a lip smacking Indian drink made with raw mango, Aam Panna to bring a perfect solution that gives you an added edge to beat the summer heat as well as prevents your body from excreting excess iron and salt during sweating. Now fight the acids and keep your stomach cool even in the soar temperatures. No need to cancel your plans anymore, have a chill summer parties adding Fresca aam Panna in your menu.

Aam Panna by Fresca is made with hand-picked green, unripe mangoes, which are then roasted and peeled carefully to extract the pulp out of it. It is then packed with utmost care in the bottles of 300ml for Rs 25 and 200ml for Rs 20 to preserve the freshness of the real fruit.

Mr Akhil Gupta, MD Frescajuices says, “We have been a part of innumerable families for decades. We at Fresca, aims to keep the quality standards and taste as we use the best technologies to provide the most hygiene based products to our consumers. The Aam Panna is delectable Authentic Indian taste with handpicked raw mangoes and prepared with special care to bring to life the original taste as prepared at home.”

About Fresca: Fresca is rapid rising fruit drink product in India, containing no artificial flavours and are made of best quality of fruits. Fresca presents range of packaged fruit juices like the Exotic Apple Juice, Lime Juice, shikanji, Mango Juice, Litchi Juice, Aam Panna Juice, pomegranate, Guava Juice, Pine Apple Juice and mixed fruit. Along with grand flavour, the fruit drinks present you immediate oomph and renewal of solutions in your body as a number of our fruit drinks are laden with Vitamin C & other vital nutrients that continue to be active in you and keep you also active all day long.

Corporate Comm India (CCI Newswire)


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