Bangalore, November 22, 2017: Healthcare Global Enterprises Ltd – The Specialist in Cancer Care organised a day long workshopcalled Robotics Masterclass in association with Vattikutti Foundation to bring out the latest technological innovations in robotic surgery. The program was conducted to highlight the new cutting edge technology being practised at HCG which could be beneficial to specialists across geographies.

The workshop was broadcasted live on the internet using Virtual Instructor Led Traning (VILT) to ensure the optimal academic outreach. VILT is a technology which has the capabilities to connect up to 5000 people over an interactive video platform and the respective audience across the globe can interact, learn, understand and share insights on the usage and advances of robotic surgery in cancer care.

As the program emphasised on technological advancements, a Live Surgery was conducted by Dr. Vishal Rao – Consultant – Head and Neck – Onco-SurgeonHCG along with noted pioneer in the field of robotic-assisted head and neck surgery, Dr. J. Scott Magnusonand DrKaustubh PatelSenior Consultant – Head & Neck Surgical OncologyHCG Ahmedabad, using Virtual Reality and 360-degree video of the HCG OT, with live interaction for the audience located in various parts of the world. The aim was offer a more realistic and immersive experience to doctors who are keen to learn and study these surgeries better.

The workshop also witnessed the launch of Indian retractors named as ‘Ravi Retractors’, introduced byDr. Vishal Rao. This retractor known as the novel retractor has been innovated at HCG, particularly to perform neck dissections. Currently, there is only 1 retractor available in the world, known as the Chung Retractorwhich costs around 10 Lakhs. Ravi Retractor was conceptualised to help perform neck dissections and plastic surgery (free Flaps) in patients with early oral cancers where neck nodes are cleared for safety as an oncology protocol. This leaves an unwanted and unsightly scar in majority of patients, when the cancers have not spread to neck. In order to avoid the scar, Ravi Retractor was innovated as it makes the robotic surgery simpler with better visualisation. Designed by Dr. Vishal Rao, with help from Dr. Rajesh at HCG, Ravi stands for light in Sanskrit, and rightfully this retractor helps robots see better. In sync with the Make in India initiative launched by the Government of India, Ravi Retractor will help many surgeons globally.

Being the most comprehensive network of Cancer Centres in India, HCG has been a pioneer in introducing cutting edge technologies for a better diagnosis, treatment and improved outcomes. To keep pace with the latest research, HCG has initiated some research and collaborations to explore the use and application of Nano Robots that would help the specialists to study the individual cells. These robots are microscopic and help clinicians to pick selective cells, without injuring them thus further helping the doctors to study cells more precisely.

The objective is to involve in extensive research on cancer cells to understand their biological behaviours, aggressiveness and harness immunomodulation and carve out the necessary treatment making it more effective.

Corporate Comm India(CCI Newswire)


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