Medical Tourism Directory Est. 2015. Our primary focus is on connecting the best low cost hospitals in the world with patients seeking the best medical care and relief to their health problems.

Medical tourism, contrary to what general population may think, is not a new concept. In fact, it dates as far back as Ancient Greece. Early forms of medical tourismlater entailed spa tourism, and hamams, particularly popular during the Ottoman empire. Luckily, spas outlived the empire and evolved into a tourism branch now providing patients with opportunity to travel and at the same time receive the most affordable medical care in foreign countries.

This health tourism and dental tourism are nowadays particularly popular in countries as various as Cuba, Mexico, India, Malaysia, Turkey, Greece, Germany, Canada, Australia, Israel, Dubai as well as the best hospitals in the US. In fact, Asian countries’ popularity is on the rise lately due to most recent technological and medical progress, hence engaging in medical tourism in India is the option worth considering.

Health and medical tourism directory


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