New Delhi, August 17, 2019: Medical travel industry has come a long way. A decade ago, a patient used to travel across the border for affordable healthcare. However patients are now choosing a destination which offers the complete package of quality treatment, ease of communication and travel as well as competitive pricing.

eExpedise Healthcare offers quality & affordable Health & Medical treatment for international and domestic customers and strive to combine the highest standards of medical excellence and personalized services.

Tell us about The idea behind launching

We have collective experience of over 30+ years in Healthcare and Health Insurance domain serving both domestic and International market. We have closely worked in this segment and has understood the challenges faced by the end consumer during the benefit utilisation process and availing healthcare services.

In the last decades, Healthcare industry has seen Innovative & Technological advancement in clinical aspect however very less has been done for customer service and customer experience. Expectation of Consumers are changing rapidly so is the demand and supply process across the industry and Healthcare is no different thus the dis-satisfaction level is increasing.

Thus, we started the eExpedise with an aim to bring transparency in Healthcare delivery system through innovation and Technology and working towards the same. In less than three years of operations the company has many innovations and patents registered under its name.

What are the products and services provided by

eExpedise has started a campaign Called “Home Country Treatment”. And working on promoting this concept amongst the NRI Population, who has gone to abroad for work / Study and are staying outside India.  As its name suggest, eExpedise team convivences the Indian who is getting treated aboard to come to its Home Country and get the treatment done in India.

For this eExpedise has signed a contract with International insurance companies and work on promoting Indian Healthcare Industry amongst the NRI and Indian Insured with them.

Since India has over 500+ Accredited Healthcare providers (JCI & NABH) and uses world class technologies at par with the western world, Indian Doctors are known for its excellence across the globe, one of the studies reveals that over 10% of the doctors practicing in UK and US are Indian.

Besides the availability of advanced medical technology and modern hospitals, most of the medical care facilities and hospitals are staffed by experienced and Healthcare Professionals, who are proficient in the latest medical treatment methods. Indian offers best & quality treatment at half of the price, thus eExpedise has bargain with Insurance companies and covers all the expenses of the member who agrees to travel to home country for Medical treatment.

This is win-win situation for all the stake holders, while Insurance companies saves up to 40% of the Incurred Claim Ratio (ICR), patient gets to meet the family and get the best care while getting treatment done. We have our Healthcare Network in over 25 Countries.

How is medical tourism growing in India?

The global medical tourism market was valued at $53,768 million in 2017, and is estimated to reach at $143,461 million by 2025, registering a CAGR of 12.9% from 2018 to 2025.

Medical Travel Industry has come a long way, A decade ago, patient used to travel across the border for Affordable Healthcare however now patients are choosing a destination which offers complete package Quality Treatment, Ease of Communication & Travel at the same time offering Competitive pricing. India is known for providing Quality healthcare at “Affordable Healthcare”.

People are a global citizen and are accessing the services from across the globe especially Medical Treatment Services however current environment in some of the countries has constrain and does not allow such practise thus ease of travel and accessibility becomes a key driver for choosing a destination for a Medical Tourism.

What are the challenges you are facing?

Non-Regulated Industry: The industry is non-regulated however this is going through a major shift government focus in the industry. While government have introduced accreditation process for all Medical travel facilitator however in last 1 year only 10 companies have been accredited whereas over 500+ Individual player and companies are operating in this field. Some of the individual player and non-organised companies are not only ruining the market but also spreading negativity about the country and its process.

Non availability of Technologies: The segment of healthcare process is majority working manually with very limited Technology. There is a very limited technology provider companies in this space.

Agent Driven Market: The majority of the market is being dominated by individual agents and interpreters; they do not have access to multiple providers thus they divert the members to providers which offer them higher referral percentage. Also, they are unable to offer them round the clock services in professional manners.

How have you grown over the past year? What are your expansion plans?

  • Currently has annual turnover of 10 crore and by 2020, they intent to get the turn over to 20Crores.
  • Currently working with 25 Insurance companies, by 2020 be present in over 50 countries and work with all Big International companies and Government Agencies.
  • To become the largest global provider of Technology and Healthcare Service Provider under one umbrella.

In short span of time we have establish our self as one of the leading Healthcare company across the globe. While we continue to focus and expand our self in Healthcare Vertical our focus will also be to strengthening our wings in wellness care and Ayurveda Industry.

Corporate Comm India (CCI Newswire)


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