New Delhi, June 13, 2018: According to a data provided by the Integrated Disease Surveillance Project, total 180 suspected and 14 confirmed cases have been reported since June 1 of dengue outbreak in Kerala. The data also suggested that on June 11, 50 suspected dengue cases were reported and 20 suspected cases were reported on June 12.

Kerala is facing several sporadic cases of mosquito-borne diseases like Nipah outbreak and now dengue outbreak.

In the report, 14 confirmed cases are of dengue fever, 3 cases are of Japanese Encephalitis (JE) including one death, and five cases are of malaria that was reported since June 1.

Now, after the outbreak news, the State Health Department recently issued an advisory asking the people to be cautious about these outbreaks.

Dengue cases have been reported regularly from the hilly areas like Puthuppady ever since the district started getting summer showers. The number of people with the fever symptoms visiting hospitals increasing after the onset of the monsoon.

According to the District Medical Officer V. Jayasree, the health department had been undertaking several activities under the Arogya Jagratha programme regarding the spread of mosquito-borne diseases. Cleanliness programmes are also driven in areas like Puthiyappa where a malaria case was reported. States health workers are conducting house visits to generate awareness about maintaining hygiene, as well as steps, were being taken to destroy breeding grounds of mosquitoes according to

In a statement, she states that “Meetings are being held in all Assembly constituencies. Kuttiyadi, Koyilandy, and Beypore will have them on Wednesday. All constituencies would be covered by June 22. An action plan would be prepared at ward-level by the month-end. The whole exercise would be repeated in the coming months too.”

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