New Delhi, January 20, 2018: The adoption of the recommendations below will not only deliver savings to the health portfolio, they also have potential to incentivise investment in R&D and manufacturing facilities, increase employment and provide significant benefits for consumers and healthcare professionals.

Key Recommendations: 

  1. India is a country, where most of people cannot afford high cost of diagnosis and delayed treatment for basic health. We do not have sufficient Doctors to handle such health problems. 
My recommendation is that we design a course for people already in profession but do not have degree to practise. The duration of course must not be more than one year and based on our Prime Minister’s vision Skill development. We can term as Jr. Doctor and so called doctors can treat major in prime phase. They have to prescribe or dispense only Generic medicines.

This will save huge money and more people will get employment and more people will enjoy better health.

We can target for 1st batch of 100000 Jr doctors, who be upgraded with the help of present Medical College and District hospitals. 

  1. Consultation with a pharmacist should be more promoted by giving them another certification to recommend OTC products. We must reschedule the medicine policy and switch medicines from prescription to OTC. Example – Most of people manage their diabetes at their own. So that people can manage their life in much cost effective manner.
  2. The Government must relate the healthcare with patient data and artificial intelligence to manage the health at lower cost. Government must bring a notification to make health at cheaper cost at private hospitals. There should be pricing of patient care related to infra cost recovery of hospitals. Once the cost of equipments and infrastructure is recovered, the operating profit must be used in care of general ward patients. 

The current budget should make the plans and cover the above recommendations to make health more cost effective and affordable. 

Corporate Comm India(CCI Newswire)


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