Customers benefit from decades of experience in world class pharma packaging

Mumbai/Hyderabad, January 25, 2016: On completion of 25 years of productive operations in the country, India’s leading pharma packaging company, SCHOTT KAISHA celebrated with its partners through an informative seminar on the latest trends and developments for the industry.

Through its two seminars in Mumbai and Hyderabad held last week, SCHOTT offered deep insights to various stakeholders within the pharmaceutical industry. Around 280 professionals in the field of R&D and primary packing development, as well as production managers and quality experts participated in the seminars to expand their knowledge about latest trends and challenges in pharma packaging. During the event experts were sharing their in-depth knowledge in highly specialized fields of Glass Delamination and Extractables & Leachables (E&L). “The drug authorities in India and abroad explicitly require that pharmaceutical companies manage risks more closely, as patient safety is of utmost importance”, explained Kairus Dadachanji, Managing Director of SCHOTT KAISHA. “We are glad that we had one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical packaging experts to share his expertise with us. We had invited Prof. Dr. Volker Rupertus – Senior Principal Expert Global Quality Pharmaceutical Systems, SCHOTT AG who was recently honored with the prestigious Turner Award for his many years of active involvement in the International Commission on Glass,” shared Dadachanji.

Spotlight on solutions for Delamination and E&L

Specialized packaging is an integral part of the entire drug product. As pharmaceutical formulations are getting more complex, and with the rise of biotech drugs and biosimilars, packaging solutions deserve special attention from the pharma industry.

The phenomenon of Delamination, which is the peeling of inorganic flakes from the inner surface of a pharmaceutical vial as a result of interaction with the drug, is becoming a top priority issue for the Indian pharmaceutical industry as recalls can each cost several million dollars.

Extractables and Leachables (E&L), in turn, are substances which the drug could dissolve from the packaging materials that form the container system – glass, metals, rubber, lubricants, adhesives, etc. To determine any possible drug/container interactions, manufacturers are obliged to perform detailed studies to avoid any risk for the patient.

“Through the extensive experience of SCHOTT KAISHA, we are able to support the pharmaceutical industry even more efficiently in assessment of risks”, said Dadachanji. “This helps our customers to improve the quality and cost of their own processes and products.” SCHOTT KAISHA offers both, advanced products to combat Delamination, for example SCHOTT Vials Delamination Controlled, and also access to an analytics group (SCHOTT pharma services) to perform independent screening studies.

Successful Indo-German Cooperation

The success of SCHOTT KAISHA joint venture is based on over 125 years of experience and state-of-the-art technology in the product areas of tubing and packaging materials of the international technology group SCHOTT, together with KAISHA’s profound market knowledge gathered over the last quarter of a century in India. Some of their other plus points include an exhaustive product portfolio, and the ability to develop new innovations with speed. Due to this, the joint venture has been able to profit from India’s promising growth perspectives – whilst supporting thesame.

To enhance international cooperation within the venture, SCHOTT KAISHA regularly invites esteemed guests from its German partner to share their experience and global expertise through a number of seminars and speaker sessions, so that the same can be leveraged for achieving quality excellence in India.

Corporate Comm India(CCI Newswire)


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