~Sister donates part of liver to give new lease of life to brother~ 

Mumbai, August 15, 2019:Mumbai, August 15, 2019: On the eve of Rakshabandhan, Apollo Hospitals Navi Mumbai announced a unique case study of a sister donating a part of a liver to save her ailing brother. The patient Mr. Sushant Borate was a 41 year old from Pune, who had undergone a living donor liver transplant with his sister donating a part of her liver to him. The living organ transplant was successfully carried out in the month of January 2019.

Mr. Sushant Borate, was first diagnosed with hepatitis and had multiple hospital admissions for the treatment. Over a period of time, his conditioned deteriorated and was diagnosed with the end stage liver disease. He was advised to meet the liver specialists at Navi Mumbai Apollo Hospitals.

Dr. Vikram Raut, Consultant, Liver Transplant Surgeon, Apollo Hospitals Navi Mumbai said, “The patient was suffering from acute on chronic liver failure. His family and he were counselled that while they could wait for a deceased donor transplant, it could take time. His condition was deteriorating and he could ill-afford to wait. His family was positive on the aspect of a living donor transplant. While his mother’s age and health did not permit her to donate a part of her liver, his sister agreed. It was gratifying to see her husband also agreeing to and supporting this decision of hers. Blood typing and other detailed evaluation of the sister was done and she cleared to donate.

In a living-donor liver transplant, a portion of the liver is removed from a living person and placed in patient end stage liver disease. Kidney and liver are the types of living-donor organ transplant procedures. Living donors donate a portion of their liver and the remaining liver regenerates, grows back to nearly its original size, and performs its normal function.  Most of donors get discharged from hospital in 7days and can join their work in 4-6 weeks.”

Mr. Sushant Borate, (Recipient) the patient said, “I had lost hope and it was then that my sister agreed to donate a part of her liver. This is the ultimate gift a sister can give – the gift of life. I feel grateful to have a sister like her. She has given me a second chance at life. This is a very special Rakshabandhan for us.”

Ms. SheetalSathwne, (Donor) the sister said, “During our childhood, my brother was my silent strength who stood by me and got me out of every tough situation in life. We lost our father early and he has always been a father figure for me. This was my opportunity to help him and I wanted to be the one to save my brother’s life. So I decided to donate a part of my liver to him.”

The Apollo Hospitals Group is at the forefront in laying down the benchmark for accessible and affordable world-class healthcare in India with the best of experienced doctors supported by an infrastructure that consists of the latest and most advanced medical technology available. The Apollo Hospitals’ organ transplant team is staffed with some of the finest and experienced transplant surgeons in the country. Specialists from a variety of fields and a support staff that includes transplant coordinators, social workers, psychiatrists and anesthesiologists ably support them.

Corporate Comm India (CCI Newswire)


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