The ’10 Steps to Natural Glow’ e-course is an exclusive masterclass by Wellness and Life Coach, Nipa Asharam

Mumbai, August 14, 2019: Thriive Art & Soul, India’s leading wellness platform, has launched a novel e-course specially designed to guide you towards a healthy and chemical-free life. The 10-step masterclass is led by Nipa Asharam, founder of Eat.Breathe.Smile and Thriive-verified Wellness and Life Coach. The e-course carefully thought out  tutorials to aid you in regaining your skin’s inner glow through a perfect diet and wellness-oriented lifestyle.

The program consists of 10 elaborate chapters with visuals and downloadable PDFs for meal plans, recipes and techniques taught in the course. The course includes guidelines on topics like Superfoods Morning, Shower Routine & Tibetan Rites, Hydration & Glow Juice Recipe, Rejuvenate Tea Recipe, Meal Plans with Meal Timings, Positive Mental Attitude, and more. The Natural Glow masterclass interface is intelligent and easily adapts to all kinds of screens be it computers or smartphones, for viewer ease. Students of the course will also receive follow-up emails from Nipa herself, to realign their lifestyles according to the course.Enrolled students will also get a hamper with samples of homegrown superfoods- Superherbs and Superradiance to add to their everyday diets.

Pinky Daga, CEO, Thriive Art & Soul said, “People today seldom take time out to take care of their own skin and later regret it. Turning to chemical solutions to regain their youthful glow, people often lose the inherent properties of the skin itself and damage their skin in the long run. Maintaining healthy and radiant skin is not a difficult process but a continuous and disciplined regimen which differs from person to person. Through this special e-course by Nipa Asharam, people can learn to how to take care of their skin simply by maintaining their diets and following a healthy lifestyle to maintain their natural skin. This masterclass is sure to be the next step in introducing better lifestyle practices to everybody.”

How to register

Enroll for the e-course at a price of Rs 7000 only

To register, visit:

For any queries, call: 7506424584 or write

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