Mumbai, July 05, 2019: BigBrother Nutra Care unveiled the clinical trial report for it’s novel first of it’s kind natural Nutraceutical product with active natural ingredients – SvarnSaathi which has shown remarkable improvement in treating various symptoms of Oral-Sub mucous fibrosis (OSMF) patients, a pre-cancerous stage of oral cancer.

Conducted on 50 patients over a period of three months with oral intake followed by chewing of a 4gm sachet in morning before meal, the study opines that SvarnSaathi treatment ensures to regain the normalcy of oral mucosa. It is effective in the management of OSMF without any adverse effect as well as having sustained relief in follow-up treatment.

The Clinical Trial study observed that there is a significant reduction in the inflammation and ulceration so preventing further progress of OSMF, the suppleness of oral mucosa has been increased significantly in terms of improving mouth movements, reverses fibrosis to some extent and improves overall immunity which in turns increases the strength of oral mucosa and submucosa to overcome the disease.

“SVARNSAATHI can be considered as a safe, efficacious alternative to the modern treatment modality in the management of OSMF and as an adjuvant in prevention and treatment of cancer”, said The key spokesperson on the occasion  Dr.Bernd, Michael Loeffler, German biologist and  Physician .

“As per WHO, cancer is the second leading cause of death globally and was responsible for 8.8 million deaths in 2015. Globally 1 in 6 deaths is due to cancer. Out of all cancers, tobacco-related cancer (TRC) accounts for major share and are considered responsible for approximately 22% of cancer deaths,” said Dr. Bernd Michael Loeffler

“Tobacco use is linked to around 70% of global lung cancer, and 40% of all cancers in India. As far as regions of India are concerned, the TRC seems to occur more in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Goa, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and the North-Eastern states including West Bengal. Next in line follows Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Uttarakhand and Chhattisgarh,” he added.

SvarnSaathi is a blend of all Natural Active ingredients made from highly efficacious Curcumin-Turmeric/“haldi”extract ,Tomato extract ( lycopene) and Black pepper extract (Piperine).

It will help youth and mass population from fighting the ill consequences especially oral sub mucosis fibrosis-(a pre cancerous stage of mouth cancer) of the gutka-supari, tobacco consumption (in any way-tobacco chewing, snuffing, smoking or raw consumption etc.) and also the bad effects of  food adulterants, chemical toxins, pollutants, microorganisms, free-radicals, cancer-causing agents -naturally—“A Protective shield”.

It can serve as safe efficacious alternative to the modern treatment  modality in the management of OSMF

Available at Rs. 14.95 in a single serve sachet & a box (1×20 sachets) at Rs.299, is an affordable Nutraceutical product -a blend of three natural ingredients that provides pleasant flavor and taste albeit with a healthy option.

SvarnSaathi also supports Cardiovascular, Digestive, GI health, Musculoskeletal (Joints, Muscles, Bones) Health, and takes care of the overall well-being.

This is a safe, novel & natural nutraceutical product, launched globally for the first time which can be consumed by adults of all age’s groups.

SvarnSaathi is a wellness initiative under “Svasthya Bharat ” by BestoChem Group, helping to save lives of millions of people and at the same time providing healthy lifestyle.


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