Bangalore, April 15, 2015
Stairlift is a unique product to enable physically challenged and elderly people to go up in stairs without others help. It can be installed on the side of an existing staircase without making any alteration in the staircase. As it is operated on a built in rechargeable battery system, it can be used even during power cuts.

Compared to traditional normal lifts, Stairlifts have following advantages:

1) It operates on rechargeable battery which can also work at the time of power cut.

2) It needs only 230V single phase power supply.

3) Can be restricted to use only by Physically challenged and Elderly people.

4) No need of operator or regular maintenance required.

5) Unlike lifts, no statutory approvals required.

Handicare is manufacturing and installing Stairlifts for more than 125 years and has satisfied customers Worldwide. Their innovations take care of the most comfortable, safe and whisper quiet Stairlifts. Handicare Stairlifts are not only convenient, but also beautiful and fits any house and interior by its huge range of rails and colours. Top quality in all respects makes a Handicare Stairlift a valuable asset for your convenience.

Aarding (India) Pvt Ltd, based in Bangalore, India is a 2 decade old joint venture Indian Company with Dutch collaboration. Aarding has been bringing latest technology to India from Europe since 90s. We have a dedicated team of engineers to do proper installation and after sales service. Our engineers are trained in The Netherlands and the entire product is imported from Holland and has 2 years warranty and 1 year free service.

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