MUMBAI, AUGUST 21, 2014:

Drugmaker Glenmark Pharmaceuticals is set to initiate studies on its novel drug candidate, GBR 1302, an antibody with dual specificities. Explaining the significance of the discovery, Michael Buschle, Glenmark’s Chief Scientific Officer and President (Biologics) said in a statement, “GBR 1302 is significant for Glenmark on multiple levels: It is our first bispecific antibody, it is our first antibody based on our proprietary BEAT antibody engineering platform and it represents the entry of Glenmark into the Oncology innovator space, which has a huge commercial potential.” GBR 1302 was discovered and developed by Glenmark’s biologics research centre in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. Glenmark expects to obtain approval for the initiation of clinical studies during this financial year, the company added. Business Line


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