New Delhi, December 06, 2018: Panav Bio-Tech, a leading company in the animal healthcare, is now offering a vaccine for classical swine fever or Hog Cholera in India.

Panav Bio-Tech has a diverse portfolio of Bio-preparation that consists of vaccines that help against dangerous animal diseases. It also offers therapeutic solutions to specific pathologies and innovative nutraceutical products for wellbeing of animals.

Hog Cholera, which is also referred as swine fever or classical swine fever by some, is a serious disease of swine. It is often fatal and its symptoms include high fever and exhaustion. It is a highly contagious disease and is transmitted from infected pigs via numerous carrier agents, including vehicles in which pigs are transported from place to place, dealers who travel from farm to farm and farm attendants.

Puneet Chopra, Director Imports, Panav Bio-Tech said, “It has been our endeavour to provide effective vaccination against fatal diseases and swine fever is a disease that is affecting all the pig producing states of our country. Up till now only Lapinized swine fever vaccine was being used to protect the pigs but it has been facing production constrains. Himmvac Hog Cholera (T/C) Vaccine is a great alternative to protect pigs against this deadly disease.”

Himmvac Hog Cholera (T/C) Vaccine by Panav Bio-Tech is the vaccine that is made using Bovine Kidney Cell culture and provides protection against the Hog cholera or classical swine fever. The vaccine is manufactured by KBNP, INC. which was established in 1988. KBNP is a well known international player in biological and biosecurity space and also the company that manufactures highly immunogenic vaccine – Himmvac®.



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