​Mumbai, Nov 03, 2014 – To promote good dental health behaviour and reduce the prevalence of dental caries in Preschool children, dental check up and awareness program was organized at Sprouts Aakriti Pre-School by Dr. Rahul Rochani of Sparkle Dental Hub here today.

MS. SUPRIYA SINGH, CENTRE HEAD, SPROUTS SCHOOL said ” Providing activities that pertain to dental issues and encourage and reinforce good dental and nutritional behaviour for children was the aim of this activity”.

MS. ANSHUL SONI, DIRECTOR, AAKRITI EDUCARE PVT LTD said” The main focus was directed on oral health promotion and prevention with the objectives of creating oral health awareness at an early age and introducing children to oral health personnel and oral healthcare in a familiar and friendly environment”.

The children were educated on the importance of eating healthy food, proper brushing technique and keeping the teeth clean to avoid dental cavity and tooth decay. They were also given samples of tooth paste and brush chart to encourage oral hygiene. CCI Newswire


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