New Delhi July 25, 2013: IBM engagement helps LPL integrate service and operations to better support its 30,000 daily patients, using Big Data insights to reduce risk while improving turnaround time

IBM today announced that Dr. Lal PathLabs (LPL), a pioneer in diagnostic services in India, is leveraging IBM consulting services to improve the quality of information and service to its patients, becoming one of the few labs in the country with a centralized view of patient information across its laboratories and Patient Service Centers.

With global expansion plans, LPL wanted to transform its existing data system into a knowledge stream with collaboration tools across 80 locations that increase quality of patient reports, research, development and productivity. IBM helped LPL to select and implement the right system to transform their laboratory information management process, thereby improving the reliability of sampling processes, meeting regulatory compliance and industry standards, and providing comprehensive reporting, monitoring and analysis capabilities.

Since going live in 4 months, the solution has already integrated over 25 highly-specialized departments and 250 instruments, served thousands of patients, processed millions of samples/reports, while supporting critical business needs, migrating data to a new application, and imparting training to hundreds of end users and administrators, both in India and abroad.

As pharmaceutical, biotechnology and healthcare companies seek more cost-effective, efficient technologies to help them meet customer expectations and ensure regulatory compliance, it is a business imperative to have a customizable information management system. Working with IBM, LPL can integrate, automate and optimize data for new insights and also make it cost effective, scalable and secure.

“Sourcing and analyzing Big Data in real-time from multiple sources is a growing challenge across industries. With the right combination of technology and services, organizations like LPL can take advantage of the increased availability of data to improve patient service and care, achieving the very highest industry standards,” said Jeby Cherian, Vice President and Managing Partner, Global Business Services, IBM India/South Asia.

“We serve over 30,000 patients per day, resulting in more than 90,000 samples per day. It was imperative for LPL to apply this large pool of data to improve the experience of our customers,” said Dr. Om P Manchanda, Chief Executive Officer, Dr Lal PathLabs. “IBM’s industry expertise and deep domain knowledge helped us derive real time insights to improve collaboration and boost growth across the company.”

“Technology trends such as the easy access to the internet from any device, and big data have changed how patients consume information. These changes are very visible with labs emailing reports, archiving and giving online access to patients. We needed to stay ahead of the curve and offer services that will build loyalty and repeat business.” said Munender Soperna, Head-IT, Dr. Lal PathLabs.

Founded in 1949 by Dr. S. K. Lal, today LPL is one of the largest and most respected diagnostic service providers in India, with state-of-the-art technology and equipment. With a proven record of accomplishment of more than six decades for strict adherence to international standards and benchmarks, it offers quality services to its customers in the form of more than 4000 types of tests. — Business Wire India


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