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Bangalore, April 21, 2018: On the occasion of World Health Day,socially cognizant healthcare brand- Medlife organised free health check-up camp at Forum Mall, Koramangala. Celebrated under the sponsorship of Medlife.com, this year’s theme encompassed the idea that universal health coverage means that all people and communities receive the health services they need without suffering financial hardship.

Medlife collaborated with Euklid Brand Solutions to arrange a one-day free of charge medical camp in Bangalore. Over 200 people were provided with Bone Mineral Density Test and Body Mass Index Test. Most of the visitors were women in their 30’s who majorly suffer with bone related disorders at their age. The test results witnessed a large proportion of the population to be either underweight (25% with BMI <18.5) or overweight (27% with BMI between 23 and 27.9) / obese (16% with BMI 28 +). Only 31% of the subjects had normal BMI between 18.5 and 22.9. 17.5% of the women were obese compared to 11.4% of men, while 29.5 % of the men were overweight compared to 24.9% of women. A higher percentage (32.8%) of women were underweight compared to men (26. 5%).Members from Medlife and Euklid Brand Solutions volunteered for the campaign and managed the long-day activity.

Medlife is celebrating the World Health Weekwith discounts of over 35% on their healthcare products. With the launch of its own private labelled lab called ‘Medlife labs’ at JP Nagar; it plans to expand its presence all over India. Patients can avail big discounts on sugar level tests, Lipid Profile, Live function basic tests. Medlife has catered to various health related issues by their tele consultation services provided by their specialist doctors. Medlife essentials, is an initiative for delivering all health products that are 100% herbal with clinical research formulated for diabetes, arthritis, cardiovascular and liver through their website. People can avail 25% off on Medlife branded copper bottles that gently mixes into the water and lends it all its positive properties in the body.

Commenting on this campaign, Tushar Kumar, CEO at Medlife.com commented,” Good health is the most precious thing anyone can have. When people are healthy, they can learn, work and support themselves and their families. Medlife.com is committed for ensuring good health for all. Through this campaign we aim to raise awareness and highlight the importance of regular check-ups especially for woman as she is responsible for the health condition of her entire family therefore the first in her to-do list should be timely healthcare regime.”

Medlife is essentially an online medicine delivery platform; it also integrates various other aspects of healthcare onto its platform. It provides a complete healthcare package by bringing doctors, patients, laboratories and pharmacies under one roof, thereby providing an entire healthcare ecosystem to the customer for timely diagnosis and effective treatment. The app is easy and consumer friendly. In fact, customers don’t have to go outside the platform for medical assistance unlike various other products available in the market. At the moment Medlife has 1200 doctor clinics on the platform.

Corporate Comm India(CCI Newswire)


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