New Delhi, April 06, 2019: StoreHippo®, the leading SaaS e-commerce platform is all set to solidify its presence in the Middle East region. StoreHippo had been serving e-commerce clients in the region for quite some time now. In its latest round of expansion, it has forged strong partnerships with leading courier and banking partners to offer even more holistic services to a diversified range of e-commerce businesses in the region. 

The Middle East has witnessed a 1500% increase in e-commerce sales volume in the past decade. This growth has been aided by solid growth drivers like improvement in infrastructure, better internet connectivity and 90% of its population having access to smartphones. This backdrop necessitates a mobile-ready e-commerce solution for businesses that are planning to go online in the region.

StoreHippo is very well placed to cater to this demand. With PWA at its core, online stores built on StoreHippo e-commerce platform have a distinct advantage. These stores look, feel and work like a mobile app and offer a very engaging and sticky experience to the customers.

StoreHippo Giving an Edge to Middle East Etailers with Special Partnerships and Integrations

To bolster its e-commerce offering and related services, StoreHippo has come up with region-specific integrations for offering high-quality logistics and payment services. While Fetcher is integrated into the platform to ensure seamless logistics; payment gateway Teller, that specializes in Middle East payments, is incorporated to ensure multi-currency payments.

StoreHippo has also partnered with ADIB (Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank) to offer e-commerce services to its clientele. This will be a mutual relationship where ADIB customers can get pre-integrated, high-quality turnkey e-commerce solution from StoreHippo. With the entire ecosystem, StoreHippo is poised to serve the growing e-commerce business in the region.

Designed for global audiences, StoreHippo has a host of other features that strike a cord with Middle East businesses:

  • Support for Right to Left languages
  • Comprehensive multilingual support for 100+ languages
  • Full-featured mobile app to facilitate business on the go
  • Flexible platform that adapts to diverse business models
  • Multi-currency to facilitate payments from global customers
  • Inbuilt multi-vendor functionality that can create niche marketplaces as well as horizontal marketplaces
  • B2B features for enterprise businesses with a global presence
  • Multiple-storefront functionality for businesses with a chain of stores
  • Flexible frontend as well as backend for diverse business roles
  • Auto-scaling infrastructure to support growing businesses

Rajiv Kumar, Founder & CEO of StoreHippo, says, “With B2C e-commerce sales doubling between 2015 to 2018, the etailbattle in the Middle East is going to heat up rapidly. To cope up and stay ahead of such fierce competition, etailers need a technologically advanced solution. StoreHippo with its advanced technology, inherent flexibility and scalability gives a clear advantage to merchants over simple shopping cart solutions. StoreHippo can easily power a variety of enterprise e-commerce solutions as well as regular stores.”

StoreHippo has been powering e-commerce businesses successfully in the Middle East region for many years now. With the latest additions to its offerings, it holds a huge promise for e-commerce merchants across diverse segments.




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