Bengaluru, May 06, 2016: STEERLife presents a simulated demonstration of its novel Fractional Lobe Processor at the INTERPHEX 2016 show in New York from April 26th to April 28th, 2016.

A truly continuous manufacturing platform that enables the pharmaceutical industry to move from batch to continuous (B2C) processing allows for precise flow control and traceability over the manufacturing process. Industry can reduce human intervention, manufacturing footprint, improving process stability &compliance, minimize waste and environmental impact.

Dr. Babu Padmanabhan, Inventor of Fractional Lobe Processor and Managing Director, STEERLife, said, “The FLP provides significant improvement in building both temporal and spatial control in engineering the process through removal of hot spots and dead zones, while maintaining a higher level of process continuity as compared to the technology available today. It relies on keeping the input, process material and output in a continuous flow, while every cross-section of the vessel is wiped free even of strongly adhering material, with particles moving as a highly stratified process stream thus achieving continuous consistent material transformation.”

The greater control over process provides specific advantages in handling sensitive input materials that may not tolerate adverse influencing factors. “The FLP has also opened new, hitherto unexplored vistas in the field of material transformation owing to wide range of unit operations that can be seamlessly designed in the FLP. It has an immense potential to design, create and manufacture different types of products with highly controlled physicochemical attributes making it a true versatile continuous processor enabling ‘Quality by Design’”, said Dr Himadri Sen, Chairman, STEERLife

The “B2C-E” process using the FLP would replace Hot Melt Extrusion (HME) to produce products with desirable solid-state changes. The “B2C-F” process, another form of the FLP called Melt Fragmenter that can produce non-porous particles of either low melting drug substance with or without lipidic pharmaceutical aids, replaces spray drying or spray congealing. Most importantly, the “B2C-G” process using yet another form of FLP called Activated Granulator can replace wet, dry and melt granulation.

To experience the FLP, STEERLife has set up a simulated demonstration at INTERPHEX 2016. For more information please write to Ed Ford, STEERAmerica Inc at

STEERLife is committed to the design and creation of advanced technologies capable of changing the way we make and take medicines. Whether it is extending a product’s life cycle or providing line extension or pediatric alternatives or enhancing its bio-availability, solubility or taste masking or even creating newer, radical delivery systems or helping the industry move from batch to continuous processes, our advanced processes and patented materials platform technologies are designed to help create a better quality of life. STEERLife also has a patent pending technology developed for effervescent compositions. The effervescent compositions of STEERLife can be in the form of effervescent tablets for oral solution, rapidly disintegrating tablets for oral suspension and orally disintegrating tablets.

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