Bengaluru, November 02, 2015

mTatva’s HealthPIE app has the following features:

Post the patients check-up, all the patient has to do is take a picture of the prescription, once it is done the app decodes doctor’s prescription, digitizes it and sends daily reminders to patients about their medication intake. 

The app provides medication reminders for the entire family, stores the patients and his families vital charts ( BP, Diabetes, Blood test reports, Pulse rate, etc.), a vaccination chart, which duly reminds patients and their family members, more likely children as to when they are due for vaccine 

It also provides localized disease outbreak alerts for EX: Hand Foot and Mouth disease is likely to outbreak in Indirangar, Bangalore and will give you tips as to how one can be cautious and avoid getting ill. 

It also gives you an alert to the rest of the family when one of your family members has missed their medication, this feature is more helpful in monitoring Parents ( older parents) medication intake 

Further patients can access their health records anytime and anywhere in the world 

mTatva’s HealthPIE functions like a digital doctor/ nurse on the go. The app was launched on September, 2015 and has already over 10,000 users.
Corporate Comm India(CCI Newswire)


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