Mumbai, April 10, 2019: Roy de Souza, a serial entrepreneur focused on curing cancer has funded nउल्टा (nULTA), a leading online consultation platform that connects patients to specialist doctors. The app has partnered with PhonePe, India’s leading digital payment apps, using the iOS and Android and iCALL helpline staff (run by TISS) to help counsel customers dealing with mental health issues and with MBBS doctors to answer the medical questions.

According to a report by Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India, the overall Indian healthcare market, which is worth around $100 Bn, is likely to grow at a CAGR of 23% to reach $280 Bn by 2020, thanks to smartphone and Internet adoption. 

Speaking on the occasion, Roy de Souza, Founder, nउल्टा (nULTA)  said, “We are delighted to partner with PhonePe and TISS to provide our users with safer and seamless consultation experience. We partnered with PhonePe and iCALL, a mental health awareness project by TISS to  help patients deal with their issues. Whenever they need, these PhonePe app users (iOS and Android) across India  can contact a qualified doctor or qualified counselor right from the PhonePe app – without installing any new apps.”

Commenting on the partnership, Rituraj Rautela Head of In-app category PhonePe, said, “We are very excited with this new and unique addition to our in-app platform. Healthcare is a key focus area for us and we are really happy to partner with nULTA which provides counselling for mental health issues. Our rapidly increasing user base will get to avail nULTA’s services through their PhonePe app without the hassle of installing multiple apps, and enjoy the comfort and sense of security while making payments through PhonePe.”

Speaking on the occasion, Tanuja Babre, Programme Coordinator, iCALL, TISS, said, “Mental health facilities in India are still quite insufficient owing to the limited number of services being offered as well as, the inadequate number of trained and supervised professionals. We partnered with nULTA to help the clients in need of counselling services get consultation through iCALL which endeavours to provide professional counselling sessions transcending geographical distances while ensuring confidentiality.”

Corporate Comm India(CCI NewsWire)


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